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Rake combines team messaging and omnichannel customer chat, in one workspace.
Today, we see too many organizations using multiple messaging vendors to help them improve their business. The next generation in messaging, led by Rake, delivers a universal solution. In one workspace, the business can access team collaboration conversation channels, direct messages and more. This is commonly referred to as the Slack experience. In the same Rake workspace, the business can access omnichannel customer chat. This is the experience millions of people use every hour to communicate with businesses, at times coming from website visitor chat widgets and at times coming from social media pages hosted by Facebook and Instagram, to name just two.
Rake is helping to create a new category - universal messaging platform. To help the category grow, we share blog posts to with real life examples shared in a story format that our Users can relate to. If you would like to contribute to our blog posts, please comment on one of our posts with your interest to become a content provider for Rake and we will follow up with you shortly.

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