Messaging technology built by a call center team for contact centers

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Winning contact centers understand the main thing...

Providing great value for clients by helping them connect with customers and prospects and making sure the entire experience is simple and convenient is the formula for contract renewals, strong recommendations and top ratings.

- Our script-flows™ help ensure your agents provide the perfect answers, every time

- Our Quick Messages help your agents provide timely information during multi-chat coverage

- Our pre-send typing preview helps your agents know what's coming before the visitor clicks 'send'

Rake can replace Slack for contact centers

Great contact centers value employee engagement and connection. Using the collaboration component of Rake supports co-workers in their endeavor to get their work done quickly and accurately. They can join and view conversations about specific subject matters, clients or where to go to lunch!
Rake does not limit conversation search as Slack does and when your agents use Rake to replace Slack, they will love that their work lives within one workspace. No longer will they have to toggle between apps and copy and paste information they want to share through chat and public messaging.
Rake collaboration messages include all the functionality you expect including file sharing and storage, reactions, at mentions and more. Collaborative conversations can be with many or a single individual and always include the confidence of privacy. Channel conversations can include access defined by system user level and be left open or set to closed. To learn more about Rake collaboration options visit the Rake collaboration webpage.

Is your business missing the ball, because...
Consumer behavior is changing the number of phone calls you receive
You are spending more time trying to explain why you don't offer great chat coverage
You are losing accounts to competitors that can proactively engage website visitors
You are losing agents because they want to use modern technology
Your costs are not inline because your agents can't cover 3 engagements at the same time
Your clients want more actionable data than you can capture by telephone alone
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OK, so why does this matter to my call center clients?

They can make MORE money from the people who are ALREADY coming to their website, clicking ads, or calling you. Understand that...

-78% of all consumers stay with the business where they make the FIRST live contact.

- On average, 98% of people who visit a website do NOT convert.

- The average order size is 10% higher for visitors who have engaged with Live Chat. And, the revenue per customers who engage on Live Chat is 4.5x those who did not.

They can instantly enhance the customer experience, so customers return again and again. This is critical, because...

- 63% of customers are more likely to return to a site when Live Chat is offered.

- Only 24% of visitors using a website FAQs and online help page feel that their questions are adequately answered.

- 74% of consumers are VERY LIKELY to go elsewhere after a negative phone experience.

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Open your business to new customers on different platforms.
Digital chat technology built by call center veterans for contact centers.
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