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Rake to power location specific messaging for golf courses in the BirdieBug marketplace
- March, 2021

Too often, online marketplaces are passive. They make information available and they help us all to learn about millions of businesses but could they do more? Some directories offer links to business websites but very few afford the reader the option to open a live, direct chat with merchants. This is why Rake can help.

- Over 20 billion messages are exchanged with businesses through Facebook Messenger, each month

- 52% of customers would pay more for a speedy and efficient customer experience - from a recent PwC report

- A recent Nielsen study found that 56% of customers would rather send a message than call a business

We add value to your directory and grow your traffic
Consumer behavior is changing, convenience now drives choice of directory
Directories supporting live, direct merchant connections are leading the industry
Google and Facebook offer messaging connections
With Rake's SDKs (software developer kits), you can add messaging and revenue with a low time investment
Adding messaging will energize your business, provide new options for your sales team and help you land more SMBs
OK, so why does this matter to me?

You can make MORE money off the people who are ALREADY coming to your website, clicking your ad, or calling you. Understand that...

-78% of all consumers stay with the business where they make the FIRST live contact.

- On average, 98% of people who visit a website do NOT convert.

- The average order size is 10% higher for visitors who have engaged with Live Chat. And, the revenue per customers who engage on Live Chat is 4.5x those who did not.

You can instantly enhance your customer experience, so that your customers return again and again. This is critical, because...

- 63% of customers are more likely to return to your site when Live Chat is offered.

- Only 24% of visitors using a website FAQs and online help page feel that their questions are adequately answered.

- 74% of consumers are VERY LIKELY to go elsewhere after a negative phone experience.

Your time spent hiring, training, and managing part-time staff restricts your ability to grow, and damages the balance of work and personal time.

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Open your business to new customers on different platforms.
Extend business hours without extending your own hours.
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How we help you become convenient?
Be Available, Always.
24/7 Service and Support for your customers and prospects

BeeOpen's Staff-on-Demand service has been answering calls and chats for businesses and brands for almost 25 years. With experience on our side, we are ready to provide your customers the warm, empathetic, human conversation that help capture and qualify leads or route service calls efficiently. Modern consumers expect, immediate response, we make sure you are delivering on that promise, always.

Add Live Chat, SMS Texting, and Facebook Messenger
Provide the convenience your customers prefer

Businesses are rewarded for being convenient. Forcing a customer or prospect to call or email your business or communicate on your terms only narrows your funnel and reduces your opportunities.

BeeOpen makes your business instantly conversational, everywhere.

You'll instantly see website visitors, Facebook page viewers, and google searchers turning into new prospects and repeat customers when you engage with them. We make it easy, you just need to follow-up on the new leads!