Single Enterprise Developer

Rake is the universal messaging platform.

Developers and 'Rake administrators' will create solutions for their companies using the Rake messaging platform

Custom messaging integrations

Developers within enterprise level organizations will use Rake to integrate messages with custom platforms and third-party applications. Messages originating from equipment, customers, employees and vendors will be received by the Rake platform and delivered with two-way functionality. Monetary transactions, weather alerts and conversations are only a few of the message types that will travel through multiple systems with critical delivery details.

Workflow automations

When organizations need specific and often complicated workflows to include message functionality, they will use the Rake universal message platform to bring their workflows to life.

Visitor history

Understanding your customer and buyer journey is critical to delivering the right-message at the right time to trigger action.

Rake allows you to view a detailed profile of the customer or visitor through all stages of the engagement life-cycle. Adding context to your conversations.
Create a conversation with a website visitor

Proactive messages

Rake's intelligent proactive messaging algorithms detect when actions or circumstances match a programmed message.  When they do, the system sends a custom crafted message to that visitor to encourage engagement.  

For example, if you are running a special on women's shoes, visitors on your page might receive a message to "Let's chat about today's special offer on Pumps and Heels!".

After a little setup, everything about proactive messages is automated. Just be ready for all the new conversations.
Create proactive messages that appear on your website when using Rake messaging technology

Rake is universal messaging

Rake is building a universal messaging platform; explore our website for more information on universal chat solutions we currently offer.