Vertical Solutions Provider

Rake is the universal messaging platform.

Vertical solution providers are focused on solving the most important industry problems and becoming indispensable to their clients. Messaging is a universal need and Rake will help creators incorporate a superior messaging solution without a significant time investment.

Club management software

Thousands of developers, designers and engineers are engrossed in solving specific problems in their industry. They want to build the best checkout experience for online customers or they want to create the most intelligent member management experience for country clubs. They all want to include advanced messaging options but they don't want to build them. Rake understands and provides these focused developers the messaging technology they need with flexibility that sets Rake apart.

Available and responsive

At Rake we know great platforms, web hooks, development kits and more are not enough to make a difference. There must be people behind the tech, ready to engage in conversations and lend a helping hand. This is who Rake has been from day one, we operate with a servant's heart and a keen interest in helping others to create success.

Website management software

Rake has worked closely with countless website providers. We know websites last and provide meaningful value when they work well plug-ins and extensions like the ones Rake provides. Web software providers are able to include Rake visitor monitoring, Rake chat and Rake reporting when they launch websites.

One application for collaboration, productivity, omnichannel chat

Rake helps website management software companies deliver more to their clients and include features their clients can grow into with no financial impact.

Visitor history

Understanding your customer and buyer journey is critical to delivering the right-message at the right time to trigger action.

Rake allows you to view a detailed profile of the customer or visitor through all stages of the engagement life-cycle. Adding context to your conversations.
Create a conversation with a website visitor

Proactive messages

Rake's intelligent proactive messaging algorithms detect when actions or circumstances match a programmed message.  When they do, the system sends a custom crafted message to that visitor to encourage engagement.  

For example, if you are running a special on women's shoes, visitors on your page might receive a message to "Let's chat about today's special offer on Pumps and Heels!".

After a little setup, everything about proactive messages is automated. Just be ready for all the new conversations.
Create proactive messages that appear on your website when using Rake messaging technology

Rake is universal messaging

Rake is building a universal messaging platform; explore our website for more information on universal chat solutions we currently offer.