Frequently Asked Questions about Rake

A selection of questions with answers about the Rake application and messaging platform.
What is a Rake workspace?
Do I need a Rake workspace to use Rake Live Chat?
Are all the features really included in a FREE plan?
Is it possible to track on-site visitors through the Rake Live Chat widget on my site?
Can I proactively reach out to my website visitors and offer help?
Can I live chat with customers on my mobile?
Can live chat agents help one another when chatting with customers?
Is the chat window customizable?
Can I add live chat to Facebook?
Can I receive SMS messages in Rake?
Is it required to install any additional software to use Rake?
Can I use this live chat service on any type of website?
How many website visitors can contact me on Rake Live Chat in real time?
How does the live chat widget work after hours?
How can I get notified of incoming live chats?
Can I personalize my live chat widget?
Does Rake support chat across multiple websites?
I’m not technically inclined, can I get help getting started with Rake?
I have activated my Rake workspace. How do I start?
Is it possible to specify a user role to my live chat operators?
How to view chat transcripts?
I can’t seem to remember a password to my rake workspace.
Can I deactivate my live chat widget momentarily without having to remove the code from my website or remove the plugin I used?

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