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Messaging Analytics

Messaging creates a treasure trove of data. From customer behavior on your site, to customer sentiment in conversations, and through to your engagement results such as lead capture or conversions.

Collectively, this data can can aid the most important business decisions. So, getting at it, organizing it, and categorizing it in ways that work for your organization ultimately makes a big difference. Rake simplifies mining and exposing trends in your engagement data.

Take a look at these amazing tools built into Rake:

Reporting API

Integrate Rake conversation and task data directly into your favorite business intelligence applications by calling our open API with your workspace credentials.

For more information on our reporting APIs, contact us anytime.
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Create your Rake workspace

Activating a workspace takes less than 2 minutes. All fields are required to ensure a secure workspace activation. When you click 'Launch my workspace' you will be directed to a verification page. Check your email inbox, including your spam emails, find the verification code we sent you and fill in the six digit fields on the verification page. Your code will be verified and you will be sent to your live Rake workspace.

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Reports based on customer tags

Tag-based report filters

Tagging conversations or customers in Rake provides a new dimension to actionable customer data.

Apply filtering based on tags your team has already applied to conversations. For example, if your a landscaper, your teams might tag conversation like Oct2020 or tree-cutting . When running reports you'll find exactly which conversations, and customers, discussed "tree cutting" in an instant.

Report: Conversations

Drill into any date range of conversations with ease. Then, apply filters based on conversation tags, platforms, and sessions status.

Then, dive into the conversation details of what was said by viewing the conversation script. You can easily download the script as a .csv or .pdf file for transferability to other systems.

available via API
Conversation tags reports
Chat perfromance reports from Rake messaging

Report: Chat Performance

Compare website visits to chats started, or missed. Include chats from all omnichannel platforms for additional insights.

Easy to filter, visual, and helpful. You'll fall in love with this report to keep you performing ahead of the competition.

available via API

Report: Chat transcripts

Audit your conversations, mine them for insights and ideas to improve, or share them as a convenience to your customers by sending them to a specified email address.

Chat transcripts are an integral feature in Rake and key to your long term success in tailoring outstanding customer experiences to your visitors.

Available via api
Chat transcripts by reports

Report: Tasks

Rake includes integrated task managment, the Tasks report helps identify open tasks that are causing impact to your Service Level.

Available via API

Task report screenshot

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