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It's hard to argue that great conversations are not the most powerful way to drive conversion.

Because conversations are crucial to so many of your organization's goals, it really makes sense to have tools in place to simplify the effort required to have conversations, to know exactly who is having them, to understand if they are meaningful and productive, and measure if customers are satisfied.

Rake's messaging platform is refining the art and science of good conversation for convenience and effectiveness.

Website live chat

A single line of java script added to your web page activates the highly-customizable Rake live chat widget. It takes less time than grabbing lunch at a drive-thru window. Just install it and forget it, because all the settings are managed server-side.

Once activated, the powerful features include live visitor monitoring, customized colors to compliment your brand, and precise positioning to place it anywhere on the page.

Be notified as visitors arrive to your web page, then send a customized invitation to encourage engagement. Once a conversation starts, customized routing insures the right people in your organization are connected instantly.
Live GIF of website chat widget

Typing - Live Preview

With typing live preview, you can  get a preview of the message your visitor is about to send as they are typing it.

This allows you to stay a step-ahead in the conversation, prepare your answer, and "wow" your visitors with quick and accurate responses.
Typing preview

Conversation Tags

Tagging conversations in Rake adds a new dimension to actionable customer data. Tags can be created on-the-fly or selected from a dynamic list of tags previously used. After tags are applied, you will be able to filter and establish statistics for a particular category of conversations.

For example, you may check what customers contacted us last month inquiring about tree-cutting services. You will know exactly which conversations, and customers, discussed "tree cutting" in an instant.
Customer CRM details

Customer details

Rake provides critical visitor information in real-time as a visitor is browsing your website.  

You might find it helpful understanding if this visitor is a new visitor vs. returning visitor, or, where they are from (geo-location), what site did they come from (referring site), or how many pages they have visited already in this session... if that sounds interesting and valuable to your organization, then you're going to love Rake's real-time customer details.

File sharing

Both your agents and customers can use Rake to exchange files.

Safe, totally secure, and really simple.  Just drag and drop a file on the chat area and Rake will do all the dirty work.
File sharing

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Chat transcripts

Audit your conversations, mine them for insights and ideas to improve, or share them as a convenience to your customers by sending them to a specified email address.

Chat transcripts are an integral feature in Rake and key to your long term success in tailoring outstanding customer experiences to your visitors.
Chat ranscripts
conversation scripts

Scripted conversations

Manage workflows to ensure your requirements are captured every-time. Use Rake conversation scripts to expertly craft tone, data-capture, and messaging across channels and platforms. Simple question answer format is intuitive and the answers tag the conversation - so reporting also improves.

Easy to build, visual, and helpful. You'll fall in love with this innovative feature. Your CSR teams will love you for it.

Channel based routing

Conversations in Rake can route any number of ways.  First, they flow into a defined queue, which can be exclusive to a single or group of channels, or a general queue across all available agents.  Any agents who are members of that channel can accept those conversations.
Conversation routing

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