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Want to create raving fans who post positive reviews about your organization? Start delivering consistently great customer experiences.

Rake is purpose-built to enable efficient access to business critical information. This optimizes agent interactions, captures more leads, and achieves more one-call resolutions.

Take a look at the efficiency tools built into Rake:

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Customer history

Once customer data is created in Rake, users can access the conversations and tasks related to that customer easily.

It is especially helpful to have the full context of a conversation in the recent past at your fingertips. Or, to see the status of a task related to the customer in a current chat.

Interfaces to push history, sync tasks, and get customers from common CRM systems are available upon request.

Tasks system

While a one-contact resolution is always a goal, conversations sometimes get complicated and require escalation and follow-up.

When a conversation hit's a dead-end,, create a task to escalate it.

Your team will love the convenience of integrated tasks with conversations. Use service response times to allow agents to comfortably make a promise that includes a response time that aligns with your organizations service-level goals.

Task Types

Customize workflow and due dates by creating customized task types.

Automatically assigns the task to the right channel (group of people) or user, and it creates the correct service level promise to share with client or prospect to effectively set the follow-up expectations.

Knowledge base

Rake includes an integrated, searchable knowledge base your organization can use to store and transfer knowledge between coworkers, teammates, or customers.

Agents can search and share articles with customers during a conversation by simply copying the link.

Creating a Knowledge base article is simple, even images and videos are supported. And, even transferring articles from previous KB systems is a breeze with built in import tools.

Business details

Use scheduled contextual business notes for agents to communicate special circumstances. Weather or shipping delays, etc. Anything out of the norm can be handled and effectively communicated.

‍Set business hours to maintain an accurate messaging system for your external guests. Customers will be notified it is after hours and responses may be delayed.

Direct messaging

Create a private one-on-one message with a teammate, or invite multiple teammates to a private conversation.  Share files, images, documents and more in your private messages space.

You can easily spark up new Direct message threads, or add a few people to conveniently create a private group message.


A channel is a group of people with the collective goal to accomplish something. Sometimes it’s the whole organization, or, sometimes it's a much smaller focused group.

Each channel is dedicated to a specific topic, department, or project.

Channels are where the work actually gets done—where text, files, documents, and images are easily shared, searched, referenced, and ultimately put into context to accomplish big (and small) things.

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