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At it's core, any omnichannel strategy is about establishing a consistent customer experience, enabling convenience, and seizing opportunity. Rake connects your organization with the most popular messaging platforms. Enabling you to be where your customers are, and to be available when they are ready to engage.

Take a look at the omnichannel features built into Rake:

Multi-website chat

If you are running several websites, you can connect them all to a single Rake workspace, or not.

Customize your scenarios however you wish to help you reach your goals. All while maintaining structure and consistency to your messaging. Rake allows infinite cascading rules, messaging, routing, and branding configurations to fit your organization's needs and desires.

Facebook Messenger

Two-way SMS

Enable your business for two-way SMS communication.

Texting is by far the most popular communication channel among most age groups and in most countries—with 98% of text messages opened within three minutes.

Unlike one-way SMS send from short-codes, in which a business sends out relevant information but doesn’t accept responses, two-way SMS allows a business to both send and receive a text message, so they can have an actual conversation with the recipient.

Channel based routing

Conversations in Rake can route any number of ways.  

First, they flow into a defined queue, which can be exclusive to a single or group of channels, or a general queue across all available agents.  Any agents who are members of that channel can accept those conversations.  

Queues can be defined by platform, so if you prefer, all Facebook Messenger conversations (for instance) can route to a specific channel.

Lastly, if your team is busy, absent, or for any reason cannot get to chats in a queue within a defined service level time, those conversations are seamlessly routed to the BeeOpen service.
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Learn more about how BeeOpen, Rake's integrated Live Agent Assistance service, turns calls and chats into clients and leads. You'll get complete coverage across both chats and phone calls, 24/7, your customers will love it.

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