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Transform engagement with your team and your customers.

Rake is packed with features specifically designed to optimize customer engagement and improve agent efficiency. You'll engage through any platform your customer finds convenient... whether it's phone calls, texts, live chat, social media, google, or whatever.

Most importantly, you don’t even need to be personally available. When you add our integrated BeeOpen live agent assistance we'll have your back throughout all of it, 24/7/365.

Features you'll want

... to be more convenient and accessible.
... to get work done, FAST.
... to step-up your customer engagement game.
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Let's chat about bots!


We bots. The honest fact is, Rake was built specifically for bots because we couldn't find a flexible, easy-to-use platform that supported:
  • Multi-location
  • Multi-brand
  • Omnichannel
  • Live Agent assist
So... we built our own.

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How it works

Making modern conversations happen, for you and your customers.

Customer reaches out
Service or support
Schedule appointments
Take online orders
General inquiries
incoming message
Hi, I know it’s late, but is anyone there to help???
BeeOpen agent
Hello, thank you for contacting Joe’s Plumbing, this is Sam, how can I assist you?
incoming message
Hi Sam, thank you! It’s late so I didn't know if you’d be in. We have a serious leak in our basement and we need some help fast...
BeeOpen agent
Sorry to hear that, we are here to help you. Can I get some basic information and we will get somebody out to you to help fix that leak.
Any channel
Live Chat on your Website
Facebook Messenger
SMS Texts
Phone calls too!
Use one simple app
All Channels, All Conversations, One App.
Live Chat and Internal Messaging
Desktop and Mobile accessible
Customer Database, Knowledge Base, Tasks
Reporting and Statistics
We've got your back
You get first opportunity to answer/reply.
After-hours or when you are busy, the Rake conversation experts back you up.
Rake agents use your script, your brand, your customer data.
US based conversation experts, certified on your brand.
Your business,
always available
Grow unrestrained
Save on labor costs
Crush your competition

Work efficiently. Engage everywhere.
Stop missing opportunities

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