Collaboration features

Sometimes, the simplest things can seemingly derail the biggest deals. A workplaces inability to get timely, accurate responses on important projects, client issues, and prospect proposals can crush relationships and ruin deals. That's exactly why we built in world-class collaboration tools like direct and private/public channels. This is where our work really gets done.

Workplace collaboration

We built many of the most popular features we loved from popular collaboration tools into Rake. So, you get the best of what you love, WITH integrated omnichannel messaging. We did this because we felt your customers deserved it.

Stop using disparate "interfaced" solutions to collaborate, get Rake and experience truly integrated communication for a customer-centric workplace.


A channel is a group of people with the collective goal to accomplish something. Sometimes it’s the whole organization, or, sometimes it's a much smaller focused group.

Each channel is dedicated to a specific topic, department, or project.

Channels are where the work actually gets done—where text, files, documents, and images are easily shared, searched, referenced, and ultimately put into context to accomplish big (and small) things.

Direct messaging

Create a private one-on-one message with a teammate, or invite multiple teammates to a private conversation.  Share files, images, documents and more in your private messages space.

You can easily spark up new Direct message threads, or add a few people to conveniently create a private group message.

File sharing

Both your agents and customers can use Rake to exchange files.

Safe, secure, and really simple.  Just drag and drop a file on the chat area and Rake will do all the dirty work.

User presence

Easily set your personal availability for accepting live chats.

And, if you and your team is busy, absent, or for any reason cannot get to chats, those conversations are seamlessly routed to the BeeOpen Live Agent service, where Rake's staff-on-demand team will immediately step into action.  

Your customer will love the consistency of response, and your business will thrive as you qualify more leads and provide a world-class customer experience.

Tasks system

Conversations often times require follow-up. When a conversation hit's a dead-end, sometimes it needs a subject matter expert to resolve it, if so, just create a task.

Agents will love the convenience this brings. You can customize tasks with powerful features like task types with a predefined due date and user or channel assignment rules. Don't waste valuable agent time getting bogged down in a complicated issue, instead make a promise that includes a response time that aligns with your organizations service-level preferences.
Tasks in the Rake workspace have stages and assignments

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