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Learn what makes Rake the best Slack alternative

Offering more than most is what we do at Rake. We work hard to say yes.
We say yes to unlimited workspace search. We say yes to free for your first four users. We say yes to free integrations with platforms and applications like Messenger, Twilio and Zapier. We say yes to universal conversation channels, full mobile functionality and we say yes to those that build businesses with the Rake application.
Rake is the next generation in business messaging and with that next generation comes a better option than email for communication and a simplified approach to collaboration.


Unlimited search

When we decided to build Rake a driving force was our distain for the limited search we endured with Slack. From day one, we have offered free, unlimited search history and we won't change. Search your message history, channels, users, customers and more. Everything from your first day with Rake is available in our workspace search.

A better, friendlier guest experience

Today, you may be requiring clients to join one of your Slack channels. A marketing firm did this to us, even though they knew we compete with Slack. The experience changed us. We were paying them and they made us help our competitor. Rake now offers universal conversation channels. Clients can join these Rake channels using SMS and they won't have to "use" or download Rake. They will enjoy their most familiar messaging platform and you will remain in channel conversations with all the benefits of team collaboration, search and more.

File Sharing
File Sharing

# Channel conversations

Rake channel conversations offer private, private universal and public settings. Channels typically revolve around a topic or team and help you organize your conversations in an easier to use experience than what email offers. Rake makes it easy to share files directly in conversation channels and direct messages. Files can be uploaded, dragged and pasted in messages and easily viewed or downloaded. Files can be videos, images, PDFs and more.

Direct messages

Rake makes it easy to create direct messages with one or many. In your Rake direct messages, we maintain your full conversation and show you if those in your DMs are presently available. As with all conversation types in Rake, all of the functionality is available in the Rake mobile app and desktop experience. Direct messages are part but not all of what makes Rake the best Slack alternative and the top universal messaging platform in the world.

Direct Messaging
File Sharing


Rake offers multiple invitation types. Specific user roles can invite single users with access to specific or all channels. Invitations can be limited and customized for all to join with a specific email domain and invitations can be wide with no limitations.

File Sharing

Proactive visitor chat

Rake's intelligent proactive messaging algorithms detect when a visitor's actions match custom built rules, and when they do, the system sends a custom crafted message to that visitor to encourage engagement.  

In addition to automated visitor chat, Rake offers sales and support specialists the option to say hello when someone visits their website.

Messages shared with website visitor chat participants can include web links to new landing pages, phone numbers and and email addresses.

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