Rake simplifies business messaging

At Rake, we've built and combined several familiar work tools to help you simplify the way you work and communicate with everyone.

Why Choose Rake?

Simplify your team's work

Employees should be able to easily search conversations and have no limitations on that search. Rake does that.

Is it easy for customers to chat with your team?

Customers should be able to chat with your team through their favorite social media platform. Rake does that.

Is communication easy regardless of device and location?

All chats, conversations and DMs should be conveniently manageable on mobile and desktop devices. Rake does that.

Do you support a proactive company culture?

Sales and service teams should be able to say hello to anyone when they land on your website. Rake does that.

Do you always provide your customer an answer?

Agents should be able to easily share knowledge base articles with anyone on any platform. Rake does that.

Can your team reach their customer in 2 clicks?

It should be easy for everyone to find and call customers in two clicks. Rake does that.

Do you embrace new tools and support simplicity over complacency?

Employees should be able to use conversation channels and share ideas, files and docs about specific topics. Rake does that.

Do you empower your support team with great technology?

Support teams should be able to quickly share customer chat transcripts with customers and coworkers. Rake does that.

Do you always provide your customer an answer?

Agents should be able to easily share knowledge base articles with anyone on any platform. Rake does that.

Are you able to manage your technology without a service ticket?

Website chat widgets should be brandable and easy to customize with availability and performance. Rake does that.

Are you supporting outdated contract agreements?

Business communication platforms should be priced by user, not limited by features and search. Rake does that.

Can you tag customer conversations and find them in a snap?

It should be easy to add labels or TAGS to customer conversations to help keep them organized. Rake does that.

Are you forced to use an unbearable version of Google Analytics?

Reports about chats, website traffic, tasks and more should be fingertip available. Rake does that.

Can you easily integrate your messaging with popular work apps?

Conversation and task actions should easily integrate with third-party platforms. Rake does that.

Do you force your clients to communicate on your terms?

Conversation channels beat email and should be multi-platform enabled. Rake does that.

Do you empower your sales team with easy leads and proactive messaging?

It should be easy to know who is visiting your website and how many times they have been on your website. Rake does that.

Do you provide smart conversation security?

Companies should be able to set some conversations as private and some as public. Rake does that.

Do you inject simplicity into the supports team's workflows?

Employees should be able to quickly find often used chat replies and use them without typing. Rake does that.

Do you leverage intelligent automated messaging?

Companies should be able to engage website visitors with no human effort. Rake does that.

Do you still use email? Really?

Employees should not have to endure confusing and irritating email chains. Rake does that.

Do you understand how to reduce customer friction?

Businesses should be able to host vendor and client communication on their terms, without email. Rake does that.

Do you provide new employees support materials on their terms?

It should be easy and simple to create knowledge base articles and include video and images. Rake does that.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Rake workspace?

Workspaces are a collection of users focused on building, growing, or supporting a common goal. A workspace could be any organization, business, community, or group. Rake helps all of the workspace's stakeholders (internal and external) connect, engage, and manage all forms of messsaging in an organized way. A new workspace starts with the workspace owner, this is a role that allows that user management control to invite other users, create focused channels, build out task types, knowledge base articles, and workflows. Workspaces connect to external conversational platforms as well, providing a common inbox for 2-way, managed messaging across Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, Google My Business, and SMS.

Do I need a Rake workspace to use Rake Live Chat?

Yes, you'll answer the inquiries your website visitors submit in real-time using the Rake workspace app. You can get started with up to 10 users for free on the Rake 10 plan. Try it, then grow into a plan that fits your organization’s needs. Get started HERE.

Are all the features really included in a FREE plan?

Yes, while we grow, all of our features are included in all plans. The size of your team is the only determining factor of the price you pay for Rake. For small teams, up to 10 users, Rake is FREE forever. Rake 25 plan is just $50/month for teams of up to 25. The Rake Unlimited plan is for larger organizations, and, at just $75 it is our best value to lock into a super low price no matter how large you grow. Get started today.

Is it possible to track on-site visitors through the Rake Live Chat widget on my site?

Yes, the Rake Live Chat widget sends notifications to your Rake workspace when visitors land on your site or landing pages. Alll Rake plans includes live website visitor monitoring thatprovides valuable visitor information such as the visitor's location, referring page url, the page name they are currently viewing, are they new to your site or a repeat visitor, and more.

Can I proactively reach out to my website visitors and offer help?

Yes, you can! All Rake plans include features like proactive messages, and visitor invitations.

Can I live chat with customers on my mobile?

Yes, our FREE mobile apps for iOS and Android devices offer full messaging functionality. With Rake, you can keep chatting on the go, anywhere with internet connection.

Can live chat agents help one another when chatting with customers?

Chats can be transferred to another agent, or a Channel (e.g. Sales or Service). Administrators can monitor conversations agents are having and join the conversation as needed to assist the guest for the best service or support experience.

Is the chat window customizable?

Yes, 100% customizable, even on our free plan.

Can I add live chat to Facebook?

Yes, Rake is an omnichannel 2-way messaging platform. We offer a complete integration to Facebook Messenger for real-time, integrated chat in the same inbox as your live chats. Don't forget Two-way SMS is also available too!

Can I receive SMS messages in Rake?

Yes, Rake is an omnichannel 2-way messaging platform. We offer a complete integration to Facebook Messenger for real-time, integrated chat in the same inbox as your live chats. Don't forget Two-way SMS is also available too!

Is it required to install any additional software to use Rake?

Rake Live Chat is activated on your website using a small javascript code snippet (2 lines of code) that you copy and paste to apply to most websites or landing pages. The Rake workspace application is cloud based and accessible from any browser. If you opt to use our highly recommended Rake Mobile app, that is a native mobile application avaialble for free on the app stores, search "Rake Mobile".

Can I use this live chat service on any type of website?

Yes, you can add the Rake Live Chat widget to any website using a single line of JavaScript code. It's as simple as copy/paste. For popular content management platforms like Wordpress, we have plugins available to make things even easier.

How many website visitors can contact me on Rake Live Chat in real time?

There is no limit to how many simultaneous connections you can have. Typically, a single agent can engage with about four (4) visitors at the same time and still provide a great customer experience.

How does the live chat widget work after hours?

When your offices are closed or all your agents are offline, your live chat widget may be hidden before the page loads. Optionally, you may keep the widget visible and when opened it will ask the visitor to post their question and provide contact information for a follow-up the next business day - according to the hours you have set for your workspace. Finally, Rake also integrates with contact centers if you prefer to outsource your after-hours chat.

How can I get notified of incoming live chats?

Rake offers four (4) ways to be notified as soon as a message is waiting from a live chat visitor.1. Audible sound on your device (browser or mobile device).2. Visual push-notification pop-over to operating system or mobile device.3. SMS notification4. Email notification

Can I personalize my live chat widget?

You may update your brand logo, color-schemes, agent profile image/avatar, and location of the widget on the screen. Navigate to the “My Account” section to update your avatar. Navigate to the Workspace Editor section to update other widget assets.

Does Rake support chat across multiple websites?

Yes, you can create multiple variations of your chat widget to match different branded comains you support.

I’m not technically inclined, can I get help getting started with Rake?

Rake is invested in your success. Every plan includes a complimentary onboarding walkthrough and demo with a Rake Account Manager (reservation required), this short session guarantees a successful activation for any technology concerns. For common support issues, feel free to start a chat with a Rake expert at anytime within the app, or on the rake.ai website Contact Us page.

I have activated my Rake workspace. How do I start?

Contact our Rake onboarding team for a complimentary walk-through. In less than the time it takes to grab lunch, we'll have you fully operational. Optionally, you can always refer to our Getting Started Guide.

Is it possible to specify a user role to my live chat operators?

Yes, workspace users in Rake can have defined roles of Owner, Administrator, or Member.

How to view chat transcripts?

You can find and share chat transcripts in several ways, the most convenient method is using Rake's search feature. Simply type the customer's name, or the Rake users name, or any word sent during a chat and get a quick list of matches. Another common method is to simply view your recent chats lists. If you created a task during a conversation the message transcript is automatically attached to that Task. Finally, you can navigate to Reports/Conversations and filter to view the message transcripts there.

I can’t seem to remember a password to my rake workspace.

Use Rake's password recovery tool here. Just enter your verified email address and you’ll be back online before you know it.

Can I deactivate my live chat widget momentarily without having to remove the code from my website or remove the plugin I used?

Yes, there are a number of methods to temporarily hide the widget on a site without modifying your code or plugins. See our Live Chat User Guide for complete details. (need a link to docs.rake.ai/user-guide)

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