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Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of frequently asked questions and related answers.
How are you able to answer my phone calls?

Included with Pro level subscriptions is your own call-forwarding phone number. This is usually a toll-free or local phone number that you can easily forward inbound calls to your business at any time, your customer will not need to change the phone number they call you. What makes BeeOpen unique is our ability to handle both live phone calls and live chats.  The best omnichannel strategies retain consistency across all inbound channels, obviously that includes phone calls for most consumer businesses.

What makes BeeOpen different from other Live Chat providers?

BeeOpen is a different because we created an affordable solution once only available to the worlds biggest brands. Your subscription includes premium integrated conversation technology combined with a team of expertly trained live agents to actually answer those chats (and/or phone calls) on your behalf.  This means your one low price subscription to BeeOpen includes both the technology and the services to make it really work.

How long does it take to get started?

After completing your free registration, you'll instantly have access to the code to apply Rake's Live Chat bubble on your website. Engage and Pro plans include the ability to enable Facebook Messenger conversations into the Rake platform. In the Rake Pro plan, you'll also enable a phone number for live phone calls into the BeeOpen contact center as well as a Two-way SMS enabled number, perfect to provide to your customers as a convenient way to text your business.  

For any activations of the BeeOpen service, we prefer to have a brief kickoff call before we begin. We let you schedule the call at your convenience, and during this call we take time to review your business FAQs and design the conversation script you prefer our agents use when communicating with customers on your business's behalf.

Do I need to have technical expertise to get started with Live Chat??

Don;t worry, we won;t leave you hanging. And, no technical skills are required from you. Every new Rake subscription includes free "Get Live" assistance. This is up to you, you are free to chat with our support staff anytime, or schedule a call at your convenience. During that call, our experts we will help you apply the Rake Live Chat code to your website, or, if needed we will gather details to communicate with your webmaster to help facilitate the installation.

Why do you use service engagements vs. minutes?

Because we handle both Calls and Chats on your businesses behalf. The time required for Chats versus Calls is different, Chat type conversations generally take longer due to typing required between replies. It also helps keep package the service into a single price you can depend on each month. You'll always know where you stand compared to your plan, and unused service points can be carried over to the next period with no penalty.

Is this a Bot?

Rake is not a bot.

Conversations are handled 100% by live agents, either those agents working for your organization in your sales, service, or support teams. Or, you or your team can't get to the message that's when Rake's integrated live-agent staff-on-demand service, BeeOpen steps in to answer chats (or calls) on your behalf.

I have multiple websites, can I install Rake Live Chat on all of them?

Rake built our live chat widget to be secure and to be flexible enough to match your brand preferences.

For security reasons, your live chat widget code is validated to load only on domains that you define (a defined domain can include wildcards to include its subdomains, e.g. *.mycompany..com would include www.mycompany.com, products.mycompany.com, and support.mycompany.com as the same permitted domain). Then, using a widget configuration, the on-screen chat icon and chat window can be customized to maximize effectiveness for your website's unique attributes. A configuration defines granular settings for features such as the widget's on-screen icon style, location, and colors. While the Rake chat window can be further customized with logos, font and background colors, greetings, and even how conversations are routed to agents. You imagination is the only boundry.

The free plan includes one (1) configuration and one (1) defined domain. Additional configurations and domains are allocated for paid plans. Unlimited configurations and domains are allowed in our Pro plan.

Where are your agents located, is english their primary language?

Our contact centers are located in suburban Chicago, IL and Northwest Indiana. Our agents primarily speak English, however, we have some teams with bi-lingual skills (Spanish & English). If your business requires bi-lingual agents, please let us know and we can be sure your conversations route to our bi-lingual team.