Adding Users and Accepting Rake Invitations

Written by:
Mike Mattingly
Rake invitation

Rake helps you add users to your workspace with several options. You can invite one or many users by sending an email from Rake. The invitation can be created with specific user roles and channels. Additional options include allowing anyone with a specific email domain to join the messaging workspace and open invitation links can be created for wide invitations to be shared through social media posts and similar. This can be useful when creating a community workspace with modern communication features including direct messages with community members.
Users may be added to respond to external conversations or chats or they may be granted access to only engage in internal conversations. Internal conversations can take the form of one to one direct messages, one with many direct messages or channel conversations which are typically topic focused and can be private or public and open to all to join.

Let's add a user to our rake workspace. The first thing we'll do is we'll get logged in. Now we're in our workspace and we'll head over to users and channels. And again, as a reminder, we can always expand our left side navigation with the hamburger menu here and again, users and channels. You'll see, we now have two users. We have Duchess Rake and Duke Rake. Today we're going to add Princess Rake. Again, right now we're logged in as Duke Rake, who is the workspace owner. So let's invite a user.

We'll put it in the princess's, email address, and then for role, we're going to make her a workspace member and we'll click invite. And that is the process to invite, the princess. Now she will remain as pending until she accepts the invitation. We're going to end this video, and then we'll create another video to show you the experience that the princess has, getting logged into Rake for the first time, accepting her invitation.

We just invited Princess Rake to the Pet Hospital Rake workspace, and we want to show what her experience will be in receiving the email and then joining the workspace. So we'll head over to the princess's email - her inbox, and here is her welcome email from Rake. Let's open that up and read it. Hello. Welcome to Rake. You've been invited to join the Rake workspace for Village Gate Pet Hospital. So all of that looks in line with what we would expect and we'll click activate your account. And this takes us to a Rake, log-in screen, but since it's the first time we're here we need to set our name and password because when Duke Rake invited us in, he did not enter our name or certainly create a password for us. He simply entered our email address and set us to a workspace member. So we've got to tell Rake what our name is. So as you can imagine, the password must created. We will create that right now

And then we'll log in.

And so we come right into the workspace, and as you can see, we see ourselves here. We can create direct messages with other people in the workspace, but we'll get to that in another video. We just want to show what the initial experience is, to add someone to the workspace. Now, once we're in the workspace, we could begin tours and we can learn how to navigate and look at different things. The most important thing to do is to go into my account and get our mobile number verified. The verification process is very simple. We're going to enter our mobile number, we'll click verify. We will receive a message on our mobile phone then complete the prompts and our mobile phone will be verified. We're looking for every member to verify their mobile phone and email. And that gives them full functionality for say notifications and using the Rake mobile app. And that's quite important.

Rake has added several invitation options including invitation by email domain and open invitations by link. These options make it easier than ever to add more users to your Rake workspace and then collaborate with them in channel conversations, small teams and with the ever popular direct message. These forms of work chat help companies thrive and grow every day.

Open invitations are great for people and companies that want to host communities. The Rake Community is a great option for new users who want to collaborate with Rake users and learn from them how they use Rake and inspire new ideas for how you can use Rake team messaging and/or Rake chat.

Visit for more details about universal chat and the universal messaging platform being built by Rake. Are you a developer? Visit our documentation, found here.

Rake is building a universal messaging platform; visit for information about the universal chat solutions we currently offer.

Are you a developer? Visit our documentation, found here.