Building the Rake company culture with a distributed workforce

Written by:
Mike Mattingly
Rake channel

Lots of companies have had to work at maintaining their culture while all of their employees learned to work from home. At Rake, we had to build our company while everyone worked at home. We basically had no company before the Covid-19 disaster struck. We began our growth with all of our employees working from home which essentially predetermined much of our culture. We chat digitally but we don't have the proverbial water cooler to gather around, we don't have donuts to share in the morning and that's OK. We just needed some help to get the conversation started and for that we turned to some of our favorite televisions shows.

As a tech startup we like watching shows about what we do. Shows like Silicon Valley, Startup, and Mad Men are in our wheelhouse. One of our employees built a Twitter list that brings together tweets from the fans and Twitter handles that belong to the shows. The tweets often include famous quotes from the shows and those tweets get our people talking and laughing and sharing what they remember most about the shows. We import all of the tweets from the Twitter list into a Rake channel. From there, the conversations begin. We have lots of fun with it and the full experience is helping us build culture.

Building Rake and thousands of companies like Rake is hard. Having fun helps the hard to be manageable. We thought this small culture builder could be fun for other companies and teams so we expanded the automation. We built a ZAP, using Zapier and now all of the fun tweets we share as a company are tweeted from our Twitter handle. The ZAP pulls the tweets that flow into our Rake channel, from the Twitter list we mentioned and pushes them as a tweet from @Rakebiz. We used lots of options imbedded in the Twitter/Zapier and Rake/Zapier integrations to add different text strings to each of our tweets so our followers understand the context of each tweet.

We encourage you to not only follow us on Twitter but to also think about fun Twitter lists you can create for your company and share those tweets in your Rake channel and push those tweets to your followers. When your followers see you having some fun with messages and tweets, they'll learn more about you and enjoy a stronger relationship with your team. We know this leads to you growing your company and creating more success for your employees and future employees.

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Televisions shows included in the Business TV Greatness list: Startup, Mad Men, Halt and Catch Fire, Mythic Quest, Devs, Mr. Robot, Silicon Valley, Billions, The IT Crowd

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