Connect Rake Omnichannel to Facebook page

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Mike Mattingly
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Rake omnichannel connects with Meta - Facebook Pages and WhatsApp

The Rake omnichannel network of connections includes Facebook but it is important to define the connection options. Rake connects to Facebook pages. You can learn more about Facebook pages HERE. Generally, a Facebook Page is connected to Facebook Messenger but a page admin can opt to not allow messaging. If this is the case, the Rake connection can be negatively impacted. You can learn more about Facebook Messenger with Pages by reading this blog post. You can learn more about creating a Facebook Page by clicking HERE.

There are three key benefits to connecting Rake and a Facebook Page

  • If Facebook messages route to your Rake workspace external channel you will provide an improved experience for your customers as response times will improve and all the benefits of Rake customer chat will be added to the conversation. This includes quick messages, access to knowledge base, task follow up, conversation transfers and conversation scripts.
  • The workload for customer agents is drastically improved. By routing Facebook Messenger to Rake, your agents workflow is simplified as they will now only need to focus on one universal messaging platform.
  • The Facebook to Rake connection includes user identification. Your agents will know who they are chatting with and can properly address the customer with first and last name, providing a superior experience.

Connecting a Facebook Page to Rake takes less than two minutes and when complete, the messages (not posts) sent to the Facebook Page will route to your Rake workspace and you can reply to them the same as you reply to messages you receive from your Rake chat widget.

Visit this link and follow step by step screenshots to help you navigate the process:

Platform integrations > Facebook Pages
Connect your Facebook Page
Update or set your page settings
Pick your available pages
Authorize Rake access
Finalize the Facebook app portion of the connection
Make your final page selection
Your newly connected page will appear