How a Business Messaging Platform Can Transform Your Company

Written by:
Mike Brown
Digital Marketing Agency

With the ever-increasing availability of a variety of digital communication channels, a virtual business communication platform may seem like overkill. When you can simply text or message an employee or coworker or receive customer inquiries the same way, the addition of another app or communication channel, especially one dedicated strictly to business-related communication, can appear overwhelming — and even unnecessary. 

However, professional messaging platforms feature elements that aim to increase employee productivity, keep workers connected, improve customer service, and facilitate team collaboration in a streamlined, principal digital location. Take a look at how the right business communication software can create a smarter, better, smoother, and more universal work experience for you, your customers, and your team. 

Centralize Communication 

One employee may prefer to text on their phone, while another responds quickest via Slack. Rather than juggle a variety of communication channels, universal business communication software provides the ability to send group and private messages, set up workflows, store files, and manage team assignments — all in one virtual space. It even has the ability to consolidate these same communication channels into one framework so people can still enjoy their communication of choice without disruption.

Customer communication can also be held in one consolidated location. Within the same framework as their workflow, employee representatives can have access to a customer's conversation history regardless of how, or with whom, they've interacted with in the company in the past.

Speed Up Discourse

Regular meetings between your whole team, among smaller task forces, or even between two individuals, are an important linchpin for your company's success. Regular communication ensures everyone is up to speed and ready to tackle their assignments with the most current, relevant data. 

A singular, virtual business communication platform provides the immediacy to schedule a quick meeting, send a brief update about an upcoming project, or assign an important task to anyone on your team. The more quickly your team can communicate with one another, the faster they can get to work on time-sensitive projects.

Simplify Secure Organization

When employees have to co-mingle their work and personal life on their devices, a missed text or Facebook message can keep them out of the loop. A dedicated communication platform not only provides a secure, safe place to host company-related data but also acts as a separate home for company interests and communication.

Employees can more easily stay organized when their tasks, workflows, messages, and calendars are all in one place, and you won't have to worry about missed memos or important files sent, or even lost, over insecure channels.

Keep Culture Professional, Yet Personalized

Business messaging apps transform the way users interact with the company, as these platforms serve as a digital space to further establish your company's culture. The structure of a business messaging platform allows you to be as casual or formal as you'd like, with both your employees and your customers.

When the majority of your company's communication happens within the app, your company's culture has a container with observable standards for all to see, especially when you or your HR department provide guidelines for how employees can and cannot utilize the software ahead of time.

Maintain Customer Relationships

An omnichannel platform, one that integrates communication prospects across several possible channels, makes it much easier for your customers to reach you. When a single customer reaches out to your company using one channel, such as a text message, and has previously utilized another in the past, you no longer have to switch from one platform to another to continue communication. 

This integration also speeds up the process on both ends. Instant messaging enables your business to get in touch with more customers across more channels at once, without the need to cross over to another social media platform.

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