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Mike Mattingly
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We know you're busy and you work in a hectic industry. We know this because just a few years ago we were born in a contact center. We went on to build complimentary contact center technology that is now being used by hundreds of agents across many verticals.

What we've built helps your sales team land more accounts and your ops team deliver improved value.

We know speed and accuracy is essential in this business and that's a part of everything we build. When a customer is typing their chat message, we're showing it to your agents before the s/he clicks send. We've made transfers easy and we've built monitor and take-over options to help make sure the experience you deliver is top notch.

This is just the beginning of the story. We're so much more than chat technology. If you'd like to learn more, please complete the form you'll find on this page and be sure to visit our website.

Conversation scripts for contact centers

We have deep roots in the contact center industry and we know how important conversation scripts are. It's critical for them to be easily sourced, easy to understand and simple to use. That's what we built for your agents.


Digital messaging built for contact centers

The messaging technology we built solved specific problems we could not solve through outside vendors. We found that vendors did not understand our paint points, they insisted we change all of our procedures and processes and frankly, they were more interested in meeting our customers than helping us.

We are exactly the opposite. We believe contact centers are more essential than ever and we want to help you grow your business and serve more customers. 

Intelligent, scalable messaging

As you know, no two customers are exactly the same and their differences are what make the contact center industry so challenging. We believe the differences are real and the best contact centers are nimble enough to accommodate and grow. That's why we knew we had to build the best messaging technology available for contact centers.

Rake is building a universal messaging platform; visit for information about the universal chat solutions we currently offer.

Are you a developer? Visit our documentation, found here.