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When the original team at Rake decided to create a universal messaging technology platform they had to pick the first feature customers could use. They chose to build-out the chat technology millions of businesses host on their website. This is the chat widget we often see on websites owned by car dealerships, home builders, golf courses and hotels. As you can imagine since this was the first feature they built, it remains the most widely used and robust feature in the Rake universe. The Rake team has since gone on to build team communication channels which replace Slack and a task management system and a knowledge base library and on and on.

Today, the contact center features Rake has built are so wide-ranging they are more than enough for you to use to launch your own business, as a chat service for small and medium size businesses. You can do this for less than $50 per month. Let's review most of the customer chat features included with Rake.

Omnichannel chat connections

If you're going to sell a chat service to businesses, you need some 'front-end' technology. This is the chat widget that can be hosted on any website (desktop or mobile) or app and send messages to you and your agents. The good news is Rake includes chat widgets for all Rake clients. You are going to have lots of clients ask if you can also handle their Facebook messages and text messages and maybe messages from WhatsApp and other platforms. This is omnichannel. Many channels (platforms) all related to the same business (Jack's Pet Hospital), routing to the same team of agents (your company) who will provide a consistent communication experience regardless of where/who the message came from. More good news as Rake includes this technology and it requires no coding to make the connections. You can do this in less than 10 minutes and the Rake team will help if you chat with them from the website.

Share a chat transcript

When you are selling your chat agent service, people will ask if they can see chat transcripts. Rake allows users, including agents, to share chat transcripts. Rake offers many different options for sharing. Sharing a chat transcript by email requires one click, an email address and then one more click. Users can copy transcripts to their computer clipboard with one click and then paste on thousands of text friendly platforms. Users can also share/send a transcript with a user in their Rake workspace and similarly send the transcript to a channel in Rake, making it available to all users in the channel.

Monitor and/or takeover a chat conversation

As your chat service business grows, you will hire more agents. Rake helps you monitor the performance of your agents through the Rake monitor and/or takeover technology included in the Rake messaging platform. In addition to you monitoring your agents, you may occasionally have a client that wants the option to do the same. The good news is Rake includes this technology option for you. In this video you will learn how easy it is to monitor external conversations - chats - and if needed, takeover a chat with a simple click of your mouse.

Transfer a chat to someone in your Rake workspace

Some of your agents will become product experts and they will be the best equipped to answer questions about that product. This may require transferring chats. This video shows you how to transfer an external conversation (a chat) to someone logged into your workspace and with a role and channel membership set to receive chats.

Scalable chat center technology

As your chat center business grows even more, you'll need more technology to help keep you organized and providing a great chat service in your city, state or country. The Rake admin console will be perfect to help you do this. In this video you'll see how to create multiple workspaces and how to properly route chat messages from one workspace to your master workspace.

How to create and use Rake quick messages

Chatting with Rake, across all channels, includes the option to use quick, pre-written messages. These quick messages may be tagged as invitations and used to begin conversations with website visitors. Messages can also be tagged for replies and used to answer inbound chats. Rake quick messages can include attached PDFs, images and clickable links which auto-render meta description images.

Proactive messages overview

Learn how to use proactive messages as part of your Rake chat widget visitor engagement strategy.