Rake adds and updates features - October 2021

Written by:
Mike Mattingly
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October 2021 (1.16.19)

New Functionality


  • We released a Progressive Web Application. Now you can run the Rake message platform application separately from your web browser, receive in-tray notifications, and take advantage of other PWA features.

Quoted Messages

  • Message quotes are now available in Rake Conversations. Quoted messages solve the problem of responding to a message comment or question after it has become stale. Click three dots at the far right of a message post, choose 'Quote message' and begin typing. The Rake technology will handle the rest.

Universal Channels

  • We added custom functionality to the Universal Channels email invitations. Choose the platforms you want included in the email invitation. Previously if an integration was live, it was automatically included in the email invitation.

Payment Methods

  • We added a Payment Methods tab to the billing page. You can store and modify your workspace payment data there. https://app.rake.ai/billing/payment-methods

Sessions Report API

  • Sessions Report API was created. It provides the possibility to track time spent by agents on conversations. This helps contact centers to use Rake with their custom billing practices.

UI Updates

  • Slightly changed the Edit Channel blade UI
  • Slightly changed the flow of joining the Universal Channels through Facebook

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed UI issues in edit channel blade
  • Fixed a bug when a user invited to the Universal Channel was not shown in the list
  • Fixed a bug when user was not able to close the invitation blade after a user was invited to the Universal Channel
  • Fixed a bug when a user sometimes could not add a user to a channel in manage members popup
  • Fixed a bug when deactivated users were still shown in the list with the "Show deactivated users" option turned off
  • Fixed a bug when deactivated users where shown in autosuggestions for task assignee
  • Fixed a bug when editing messages in Universal Channels caused them to hang up in pending status