Rake is the Slack alternative in 2021 and 2022

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Mike Mattingly
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If you have used Slack, experienced Slacktigue or found yourself waking from a nightmare with a notification tone you know there are plenty of reasons to replace Slack. Read on to learn about how companies have replaced Slack with Rake and how others have suffered unexpected disasters related to limited workspace search history. This post will occasionally be updated with new information about using Rake as the best Slack alternative.

How does Rake compare to Slack

Read Wikipedia and you’ll see Slack is a business communication platform developed by American software company Slack Technologies and owned by Salesforce. Slack offers many internet relay chat features, including persistent chat rooms organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. If you’ve been reading the Rake website, you’ve learned Rake is an American company and we’re NOT owned by Salesforce nor are we from San Francisco. We’re from the heartland. We run the company from Chicago, Columbus and Denver. Rake comes with the same internet relay chat features as Slack but we also give our Users the option to use omnichannel customer chat features, task features, knowledge base, customer lists and more. And the more is a big deal. Rake is a universal messaging company. This means our ‘persistent chat rooms’ (so fancy) allow people to participate while using SMS, WhatsApp and other platforms. That is to say, our rooms (conversation channels) include people communicating who have never downloaded or used Rake. As you get to know us, you’ll learn we believe great communication is about the conversation, not the platform.

Rake is the best Slack alternative because it comes with more features, includes unlimited search history and costs less


  • Rake comes with the option to use omnichannel customer chat - learn more
  • Rake comes with an easy to use task management system - learn more
  • Rake is universal which essentially means it's multi-platform friendly - learn more
  • Rake includes a great knowledge base system - excellent for sharing information with customers, new hires, and the full team - learn more
  • Rake includes website visitor tracking, a great bonus for your sales team - learn more


  • Universal Channels make client communication better than you can imagine - learn more
  • Sports teams use Rake to reduce missed messages - learn more
  • Rake is used by thousands of companies to host two-way chat conversations across multiple platforms - learn more


  • Rake offers a totally free plan that includes unlimited message search - find messages back to the first day you began using Rake. Rake is a great free Slack alternative - learn more
  • Rake paid plans that included unlimited user counts, cost as low as $4 per user. Slack pricing shows a similar plan at the rate of $6.67 per user - learn more
  • Is Slack for free? Not if you want to be able to search for your old messages or files - learn more
  • Slack pricing plans include options at $15 per month per user. That’s over $1000 to use Slack for 6 people - learn more

People use Rake and Slack to reduce email stress and improve productivity

Conversation channels of which there are many, are available in both platforms. Slack channels and Rake channels can be private channels Slack includes direct messages in Slack as does Rake. Rake includes public channels but the separator is Universal Channels. Slack does not have Universal Channels and Rake does. If you care about client communication you want to use Universal Channels.