Rake omnichannel customer chat is easy to set up

Written by:
Mike Mattingly

Does omnichannel still sound a little mysterious to you?

It's understandable if you're not quite sure about 'omnichannel'. Some people think it's about shopping, some people think it's about channels. We covered this in an earlier blog - but that's not the point of this post. We're going to help you use Rake chat. Regardless of omni anything.

Let's start with this: Rake offers all clients a chat widget to place on websites. You don't have to use the widget but it's included for everyone. We have lots of clients that don't have or want a website and they certainly don't want to manage inbound customer chats - not a problem. Rake also provides each USA/Canada workspace a free SMS number. Workspaces can have more than one number but additional numbers usually cost about $1.00 per month. Each workspace can also connect to an unlimited number of Facebook business pages and workspaces can connect to WhatsApp business numbers as well.

Because Rake was built to support universal messaging, there are many different reasons a workspace would be connected to multiple SMS numbers, WhatsApp business numbers, Facebook business pages, etc. For this post we are going to only focus on customer chat. Customers are almost always external contacts connecting with you via some type of publicly available interface. That interface could be a chat widget on a website or it could be your SMS number that you have shared through marketing efforts, your website header/footer and maybe business cards. It does not matter how the customer got your SMS number, they have and they like to send text messages to it.

Rake clients do not need to use the Rake chat widget if they want to enable SMS, Facebook, etc. for customer chat. However, everyone one should consider the simplicity of using Rake for all sources of chat. Customers, strangers, prospects and the occasional zombie can send you messages using lots of different platforms and all of those messages will route to the same external channel in your Rake workspace. This makes managing your customer conversations much easier and more organized. Yes, Rake labels each chat to help you know what platform the customer is using.

You will choose and connect your SMS number in your Rake workspace. You can navigate to the Platform Integrations area of your workspace or use this link: https://app.rake.ai/workspace-editor/platform-integrations Rake uses the Twilio platform when creating SMS numbers and Rake will charge your account, if applicable, for use and hosting fees. We have included screenshots and a helper video for you to review if you need some extra help when connecting your new SMS number.

Enable Message button on your Facebook page

Once you've completed connecting your SMS number you'll be able to use SMS as a channel for people to connect with you. What might that look like? Consider how CbusShops uses Rake. For their Elite Membership they offer one click texting for same day delivery of anything someone might purchase at the local mall. Because your Rake SMS number is enabled for MMS, images flow seamlessly and now so does the membership revenue for CbusShops. Watch an example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qqdxl6FnCw

The Rake omnichannel options go beyond SMS and MMS. Rake also helps you connect with people through your Facebook Business page. In the same platform integrations area of your Rake workspace, you can connect with your Facebook Business page. Before you begin to connect, make sure you are logged into your Facebook Business page. Follow a few simple steps and your Facebook Business page messages will begin to route to your Rake external channel. On your Facebook Business page, be sure to enable the MESSAGE functionality so your customers, fans and followers can begin great conversations with you and your team. Please watch this video for help along the way: https://vimeo.com/642825750

Platform Integrations page found in WORKSPACE EDITOR

Click Twilio SMS Numbers and click ADD SMS NUMBER


Search for a special number (optional) and then click 'Connect'

Click SAVE

Your SMS number is now connected to your Rake workspace external channel