A new Rake release - version 1.16.15

Written by:
Mike Mattingly
Chat widget
Rake release

On Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 we pushed an update to help improve and expand Rake functionality

New Functionality

  • Added localization language options for the Rake Chat Widget. Now, a user can add multiple language options and set the default language for the widget. Rake will continue to add language options and as of this release, now offers English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian. This feature, when implemented using Workspace Editor, allows the 'Chatter' to pick what language they would like used for the action buttons and descriptions in the chat widget.
Zaps found in the Rake workspace

UI Updates

  • VISITORS TAB: 'Visitors Browsing Now' and 'Recent Visitors' have been updated. We have replaced the term 'VISITS' with 'BROWSER SESSIONS' as we know this is a more accurate description of how the visitor interacts with the client website.
  • The Zapier blade in Workspace Editor/Platform Integrations now includes a list of ten commonly used Zaps with the buttons to take the Rake user to the details of the zap, on the Zapier website.


  • Updated the domain validation logic in the Workspace Editor > Rake Chat Widgets > Edit Widget. Now, the user won't be able to open Show Code blade until s/he enters a valid domain in Allowed Domains field.

Rake is building a universal messaging platform; visit rake.ai for information about the universal chat solutions we currently offer.

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