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Mike Mattingly
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Integrate Rake with Google, Facebook, Shopify and SMS by using Zapier and enjoy free time like never before.


Rake was built to play nice with thousands of apps and see nearly everything as a message. When you send money with Venmo, you're sending a monetary based message. When you create a Google Task or an Asana Task you're sending a message with a request for action. When you receive an alert about your home security system, you're receiving a message about a threshold that has been crossed. Almost everything is a message.

While Rake builds more and more direct integrations growing the reach of two-way omnichannel chat, simplifying team collaboration and improving automated message logic, customers are using Zapier, to help connect Rake with applications like Hubspot and Gmail and platforms like Shopify and Twilio.

Let's look at some of the Zaps the Rake company is using today:

  • When the Rake team is chatting with someone, using the Rake chat widget, we attempt to add their name, email and mobile number to our customer management list. Our chat user interface makes it easy to look-up or add customer information to any live conversation. If and when we enter the customers mobile number, we start a 2 hour clock. When that 2 hours expires, we send a text (SMS) to the mobile number with this message: Hi (first name) - this text is from Rake. You're welcome to reply whenever you may have a question for us or have a support need. Please save our number as 'Rake Messaging' and we'll always be available for you by text, where ever you are. As part of this workflow we also create a new line on a Google sheet. The data entered into the Google sheet includes name and WHEN we sent the message. We do this to make it very simple and fast to check on whom we've sent the message to and when we sent it. All of this happens with zero human effort (beyond entering the person's mobile number).
  • As our Rake brand grows, we have more and more people following our social media accounts and we like to know when we have a new follower so we can send a message and say thank you. Each time someone follows us on Twitter, (click here) a message posts to a channel we choose in our Rake workspace. The message tells us who followed us, gives us some details about the person and of course includes the person's Twitter handle. Of course we've built a separate Zap to reply and thank the follower. Again - no human effort - we want to connect with as many people as we can but we cannot allow the desire to complicate our operations. This is why we use Rake with Zapier, and yes it makes us happier.
screenshot - Zapier to Rake workflow
Twitter to Rake - a new follower sends a channel message

When you visit Rake on Zapier, you'll notice Rake includes a BETA tag. This is great news for you because until we emerge from BETA, we are willing to build Zaps for you, free of charge. Zaps will always be free to use but typically you or someone on your team will be responsible for building your Zaps. These builds don't take more than 10 minutes but it's easy for us to understand why you don't want to invest 10 minutes - time is money!!

Send us an email requesting help with your Zaps and we'll schedule a time with you to discuss how we can help you use Rake with Zapier and improve your workflows and create time saving automation. Our email: hello at

Below, you'll see several clickable Zap templates that include Rake and a popular application that you may be using today. Give them a click and you'll be able to customize the Zap to fit your daily workflows.

Here are some ideas for Zaps. Do you use a Google calendar and want to try Rake tasks? You can easily create a Zap to connect Rake tasks with your Google calendar. The Zap will find the due date and time of the Rake task and post an item on your Google calendar to help remind you you have a task due. Do you use Discord? You can easily post messages from Discord in your Rake workspace, using a Zap.


Rake is building a universal messaging platform; visit for information about the universal chat solutions we currently offer.

Are you a developer? Visit our documentation, found here.