The leading universal messaging platform

Written by:
Mike Mattingly
universal messaging

Rake is the leading universal messaging platform

As the world moves away from email and adopts messaging streams the desire for improved unified communications is growing. Email is great for unified messaging because someone using Gmail can seamlessly communicate with someone using Hotmail.

The problem is the delivery and messaging experience that comes with email.

The solution is universal messaging.

The Rake messaging platform allows users to live in Rake and send conversation channel formatted messages to people using a different messaging platform. All of the communication is bi-directional meaning the users can send and receive messages without leaving their preferred messaging platform. The Rake conversation channels can host two or more people. The messages can include text, links, images, polls and more and all messages can carry files. This is universal messaging.

The Rake universal messaging system connects with SMS, WhatsApp and Messenger. As Rake raises more investment capital more integrations with email, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Signal, Instagram, Discord, etc. will be built. The integration standard will include modern messaging standards including RCS. While the initial Rake experience resembles instant messaging or simple texting after spending a few minutes with the platform the messaging options with external customers are more than simple, they are exciting. Rake connects to multiple platforms with what looks like a single interface and acts like an omni translator.

Messaging for external customers

Rake, first built as a private internal solution, has always supported omnichannel customer chat. This feature is similar to what companies like LiveChat and Crisp offer. A customer begins a chat from their device with SMS or a website chat widget or a social media page and an agent or similar answers the chat and a two way conversation begins. Rake includes a unique universal messaging layer that allows Rake users to send outbound messages to any contact through any number of messaging platforms. Artificial intelligence is used to determine the best delivery platform for each contact if the Rake users does not pre-select the messaging service.

Internal enterprise communications

Rake, a single platform, is organized with channels and direct messages for internal communication. Channels can be private or public. Public channels allow any user in a Rake workspace to join the channel. Rake scalability allows for countless channels and DMs and the messages support the exchange of critical data. Rake users can enjoy the full functionality of the messaging app with mobile devices, in a web browser or with a desktop app. When Rake users need to include a client in a channel conversation they invite the client to join with the messaging app of their choice, this is usually SMS or WhatsApp. Most businesses require their customer to use Slack or Microsoft Teams to join their channel conversation. Not Rake. Rake believes the conversation is more important than the platform. In an age when communication is critical making it more difficult to communicate by requiring everyone to use the same message application is not advisable.

Rake is more than a messaging application

Rake users can send a text message, a voice message, instant messages and more. There are applications frequently used with a message application and the Rake workspace includes these apps. A task application, a knowledge base application, a customer application, a web visitor tracking application, and a report application with analytics are all available in the Rake single platform.