Why Rake is great for WordPress developers

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Mike Mattingly
Digital Marketing Agency
Proactive Messaging
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People who build websites for businesses have become more than simple designers. Yesterday’s designer is today’s business consultant, advisor and in some cases chief of lead generation. As a trusted advisor, the opportunity to have a positive impact on a small business is an honor and cause for excitement.

The Rake platform was built to help businesses not only engage with customers and prospects, it was built to improve the connectivity from beginning to tomorrow and to whenever for all company stakeholders. The Rake Live Chat WordPress plugin makes it simple for businesses to enjoy everything Rake offers.

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The Rake experience begins for different stakeholders with different entry points but no matter how a stakeholder initially interacts with Rake, the need to use additional apps and platforms is minimized with Rake. No longer do companies have to use Slack and be impacted by limited storage and content searchability. No longer are companies stuck with the limitations of Live Chat or Intercom. Rake provides all of this functionality and more. In addition to robust functionality, Rake is built to help companies, contact centers, giggers and more, to scale. From day one, at Rake, our vision of many business locations or many similar clients working with one vendor was baked into our recipe.

The Rake entry points are many. Let’s begin with website visitor monitoring. Imagine your digital marketing agency has built a wonderful WordPress website or perhaps a Shopify commerce website. The website looks amazing but does it work for the business? To do a good job for the business, the website should collect leads that become users or customers or employees. Leads should convert through some type of transactional process and create value for the business. Websites that help to collect leads and convert those leads are good websites. The Rake website visitor monitoring technology helps to grow leads for businesses with a simple and easy to understand process.

  1. George Jefferson is looking for light bulbs for his dry cleaning business. He uses Google to search for ‘4 foot light bulbs’ and he clicks on 1000bulbs.com
  2. If 1000bulbs.com was using Rake, specific users would receive a notification by email, sms, desktop and or mobile app. The alert would share a NEW visitor (or perhaps a visitor that had previously visited 4 times) from Queens, NY was currently viewing their web page titled: /category/4-ft-t8-led-tube-lights-replacement/ and the visitor’s browser, operating system, partial ip address and host. If the visitor was not new, past details or visits including date, duration and pages viewed would be included. If the visitor’s ip address had previously been connected to their name, their name would also be included.
  3. When a user or agent working for 1000bulbs clicked on the notification, they would be granted the opportunity to engage Mr. Jefferson directly within the 1000bulbs website.

This simple process helps 1000bulbs receive added value through their website and grow their sales leads. This helps the company get more value from paid search expenses and time invested in their search engine optimization efforts.

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When the company engages with Mr. Jefferson they do so by using the Rake proactive messaging functionality included in the Rake live web chat technology. The live chat technology is delivered through a chat box easily placed on the company website. The chat box or widget can be located in any location on a website and can be displayed in different formats. A website visitor can begin a chat on any page. The chat technology can easily be programmed to display proactive messages and the messages can be customized for each web page. This is particularly useful for offering special discounts or unique engagements. 1000bulbs could offer ‘a special 10% discount for 4’ replacement bulbs’ after Mr. Jefferson has been on the page for 15 seconds. All duration and url specifics can be customized by the business. Once a conversation begins, the company agent can begin to add details to the chat record. These details can include tags, which can be searched in the future, customer information and resulting tasks which can be assigned to any company user included in the Rake platform. All companies receive their first ten users accounts free of charge, with no functionality limits. Chat transcripts are always available for download and are searchable. During the chat experience the company agent has access to quick messages and links. Quick messages are great for making sure the company asks guests questions with exact text and they improve response time. Quick messages are also great for providing links to pages the company wants to push visitors to and expose them to new and important offers. In addition to helping customers and prospects engage with businesses through the Rake chat box, Rake supports omnichannel two-way communication. This means conversations can begin and remain active through company Facebook pages, by way of Messenger and SMS by way of a custom SMS number which is included free of charge for all Rake clients.

The Rake task management technology is integrated with the chat experience but can also be used absent of any customer or prospect interaction. A task can easily be created with a name and be assigned to another user or it can be left unassigned and available to be claimed by any group of users. The task type can be picked from a list, customized by the company, and a due date can be set along with text to help provide detailed information. Outstanding tasks along with activity history and more can be reviewed by each user on their personal dashboard.

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In addition to the robust task management technology included in the Rake platform, a complete team collaboration experience, very similar to Slack, is included for all company users and agents. Users can create private message channels and public channels which can be titled with subjects or teams or client names. All of the exchanges (messages) within the Rake collaboration suite can be searched and remain available for review for eternity. The Rake collaboration suite can be a replacement of company email or work alongside email communication. Why is there value in searchable channels or messages? The search functionality helps new employees learn how to navigate their new job and become successful quicker than most. The search functionality helps employees find all pertinent information about specific clients or contact. The search functionality reduces wasted time scrolling through emails or waiting for someone to return a phone call. Technology offers too much to go slow, and speed saves dollars and helps create growth opportunities now. This is why our search functionality is so important.

The Rake integrated messaging platform, while far reaching, is simple to manage and can be added to any business’ operation with little to zero disruption and this includes the expense line. Rake is priced by user count, not feature sets. All Rake features, solutions and technology are included for every user. Companies with 1-10 users pay nothing to use everything from Rake. The Rake platform is free for user counts of one to ten. This includes the creation of a custom SMS number and 500 SMS messages along with onboarding and support as well as everything discussed in this post. Two additional plans are available for larger companies and organizations with more than ten users. The most expensive Rake plan costs $75 per month and is built for user counts of 26 or more. For $900 per year, a large enterprise can use all that Rake has to offer.

This post does not include the complete Rake toolset. Rake supports custom knowledge bases and custom script flows. Rake includes full TAG functionality and conversation transfers and live monitoring. Rake includes a reporting suite. Rake includes a customer management system. The Rake team builds custom integrations and the Rake mobile app, Rake Mobile, offers excellent functionality for those on the go and wanting to remain connected.