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Messaging strategy for businesses is always evolving. As people change and tools we use to communicate our messages, change, we are required to update our approach. Don’t think tools change much? You may be right, we still see companies using variations of sandwich boards after they came into popularity in the 1920’s but what does change is the number of tools.

Today, digital, text oriented, messaging has marketers, sales people and communication teams thinking about new ways to communicate and ultimately improve their connections with customers and potential buyers.

More than one thousand companies use Rake to exchange messages with customers, begin conversations with website visitors and ensure they reconnect with those same people. Messaging with hundreds of customers every week can be time consuming - and profitable - for businesses. To help combat this, Rake provides Quick Message options for communicators. These messages are reactive and shared with just two clicks and a keystroke.

Some great quick messages include these ideas:

  • Hi! Thanks for visiting our website
  • Thanks for asking, click here for our pricing (include link)
  • Thanks for starting a chat, I’ll be with you in just a moment
  • Hello - if you need to step away, please share your sms number or email address and I’ll be sure to follow up
  • Thanks for visiting. I’ll leave you to surf our website. Please chat again if I can be of any help.
  • Yes - we take appointments. Please click here to book your time. (include link)
  • Here’s our recent flyer with coupons. You’ll find great savings in this PDF [Rake quick messages allow for permanently attaching a PDF]

Don’t forget to include fun emojis too - chat should be fun and not too formal but always keep it professional. Think of chat exchanges as similar to a short conversation you would have when someone ‘walks’ into your business.

Speaking of someone walking into your business, would you typically say hello or would you hide behind your desk and wait for them to ask for help? 

We think “saying hello” makes a lot of sense. ‘Hello’ can take a lot of forms and include strategy or be very simple but the key is to greet. People like to feel welcome and appreciated and you can proactively do that when using the Rake messaging application. Rake shows you each person currently on your website and includes an INVITE button next to their visitor record. Click the invite button and the Rake chat window opens. You can then type an invitation to chat or use a quick message coded for invitations. 

Some great proactive messages include these ideas:

  • Thanks for visiting our website. We’re available to chat if you need anything
  • Hello, my name is _____. Thanks for visiting our website
  • You may be interested in our latest reviews - please click here to read more (include link)
  • How’s your day going?
  • Thanks for stopping by, how did you hear about us?
  • Have you heard about our latest sale?
  • Looks like you’re on our sign-up page. If you need any help, I’m here for you.
  • Have you seen the latest video about what we do?

The proactive messages in Rake, can be pushed automatically. No human action needed. Our proactive messages can be created to send based on a specific webpage someone is visiting or based on how long someone has been on the page, if they are a returning visitor and many other rules. The Rake proactive message rules can also be combined to create very specific message sends.

Your chat widget set-up is a key consideration when launching your new chat experience. The Rake widget can be customized to match your brand colors and can include your logo or icon. Rake also allows you to choose where to place the chat widget on your website. All of these choices are available in your Rake workspace editor.

By adding chat messaging to your website and social media channels, you are improving your guest/customer experience. You are showing you value communication and you want to engage with the public. But is that enough to get everything you can from messaging? No, there’s more. There’s internal team communication which can make all the difference when running a successful business. To learn more about how Rake helps improve team communication, visit this webpage on the Rake website.

Rake is building a universal messaging platform; visit for information about the universal chat solutions we currently offer.

Are you a developer? Visit our documentation, found here.