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A User can access the Rake workspace with an internet browser or Rake mobile application. User experience varies slightly based on role and Rake plan. Learn more

Unlimited Search History

Search message history, tasks, Users, channels, files, customers and articles. Presently, Rake provides unlimited search for Users in all Rake plans. Search results are limited to individual User access.

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Universal Channels

Rake Universal Channels allow Users to participate in private conversation channels while using a messaging application other than Rake. Learn more.

Account Manager

A dedicated and trusted expert in all things Rake. Your account manager can help guide your business through the use of best practices that have a track record of success.

API Access

The Rake API, available to Professional plan Users, allows for greater customized functionality. Learn more.

Custom Roles

Getting the most from a messaging platform often requires custom roles for users. Please use our Professional plan for custom roles access. Learn more.

SMS Messages

Each Rake plan includes a monthly complimentary number of SMS segments. While these segments do not accumulate, additional segments can be purchased through our billing plan interface. 1 segment equals 160 characters.

Website Chat Widgets

Rake chat widgets are added to websites with java script or a hash when using WordPress. Widgets can be customized to match your brand. Learn more.


Platform integrations are available with different applications and platforms. Presently, applications available for integration include Facebook Messenger, NICE inContact, Zapier, and Twilio SMS. Learn more.

File-Image-Document Sharing

Users can share files, documents, or images in any conversation. Rake automatically stores them for easy search and retrieval later. File storage capacities vary by plan, the storage is attributed to the user who originally shared the file.

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Unlimited Customers

There is no limit to the number of people using chat connected to a Rake workspace. Customer details may be added to your Rake workspace manually or through integrations.

SMS Number

Each Rake workspace can be connected to one or more SMS numbers. A monthly fee of 99 cents will be charged for each number beyond the single complimentary number provided.

Task System

Users can create tasks, assign them to channels or users and attach them to internal or external conversations. Auto-assign is available when using Rake task types. Learn more.

Task Types

Task types can be created for specific users or channels. Learn more.

Knowledge Base

In our knowledge base section, you can create, store and view articles in a convenient location. Once an article is published, a unique url is assigned which can be shared in multiple ways. Learn more.

WordPress Plugin

Use the Rake WordPress plugin when you want to add a live chat widget to your website. Set the widget to hide during specified hours or when no one is available to answer chats. Learn more.

Two-way Omnichannel Chat

Rake was built with a focus on omnichannel and omnidirectional. This means public chats or messages from Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp and more can be routed to your Rake workspace, along with the messages from your Rake chat widget. Learn more.

Public & Private Channels

Create topic focused conversation channels that are easily searched and maintain perfect message history to help new channel members quickly get up to speed. Email is blahhh, channels are great!

Direct Messages

Private one-on-one or small group messaging. Faster and more efficient than getting up to go to their desk and less intrusive than calling. Get work done, close deals, solve problems.

Website Live Visitor Monitoring

View live visitors on your website, including visitor geo-location, duration of the current session, previous visits, pages viewed, current page viewing, and other useful statistics. Then, when the moment is just right, craft a custom invitation to chat.

Website Visitor Alerts

Receive a notification, mobile and/or desktop, when a visitor lands on your website. You'll see the visitor's location and name if previously identified.

Programmable Proactive Messages

When visitors are browsing your web pages, programmable, triggered messages will appear to encourage a conversation. Turn browsing visitors into prospects or purchasers. Increase conversions up to 4x when visitors chat with you.

Quick Messages

Use Quick Messages to simplify your most common replies or conversation starters. Keep the team aligned and on-brand with standard messages for your workspace. Saves time, improves accuracy, less typos.

Session Transfer

Escalate chats in-session by transferring to another member of your workspace. This feature helps increase single-contact resolutions and improve customer/prospect satisfaction.

Session Monitoring/Takeover

Imagine being able to monitor your agents for quality, you'll get real-time updates on the words they are typing and about to send. Takeover a conversation gracefully and turn negative interactions into positive ones.

Conversation Tags

Tags can identify just about anything, but usually, they are used to quickly categorize topics in a conversation you want to focus on (e.g. lead vs. existing customers, etc.). You can create an unlimited library of tags. When they are applied to conversations they provide an additional layer of reporting and filtering to your conversation history.

Enhanced Messaging Tools

Mark messages read/unread for follow-up later. Edit or delete messages with errors or old information. Use @mention feature to call attention to other members or channels in your workspace. Add emoji reactions to a specific message.

Mobile App

iOS and Android apps keep you connected and in the know on-the-go. Accept inbound chat conversations across any connected external platform, and pick-up messaging in DMs and Channels like you never left the office. Receive alerts an reminders about tasks, new messages, new customers added, even website visitor notifications and monitoring.

Real-Time Alerts

Be notified via email and/or in our app and by push notifications or SMS alerts for any conversation task or customer event.


Real-time reporting on the state of your conversation ecosystem. How many chats/calls are you handling and from what platforms? How many tasks are due today? How many customers did we add from Facebook last week? Want website stats easier to read than Google analytics? We include that too!

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Rake is a next generation universal messaging platform. Use Rake for your work or team chatting and collaboration AND use Rake for customer omnichannel chat which includes your website, SMS, Facebook business page, WhatsApp number and more.
How will you use Rake?
  • Companies use Rake as a more cost effective Slack alternative with more functionality. They improve team communication with virtual assistants and vendors through Universal Channels and enjoy unlimited message history search.
  • Schools use Rake's Universal Channels to improve teacher parent communication without the hassle of learning new platforms and creating new passwords.
  • Web design firms embed Rake web chat and website analytics in their projects as a value add for their clients.

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