Rake Projects

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Rake Projects

Projects are a management layer in Rake that allow group level administration of workspaces and core messaging components.

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Multiple workspaces

Your organization or enterprise has decided to use multiple Rake workspaces. By using a Rake project, you can access the workspaces in a single screen with administrator rights.

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Roles and User management

You are starting or managing a contact center and using Rake for white-label customer chat. You need a Rake project to help you keep your billing organized and help you report on activity and impact.

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Platform configurations

Website developers include Rake chat everyday. Rake projects are perfect for staying up to date on Rake supported websites. The project administrator will know how many Rake users are associated with each website, how much chat traffic the website supports and website visitor analytics including location, time and source.

What will you build?

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You can manage the platforms connected to each workspace. This includes applying custom Twilio projects and phone numbers for SMS, building and applying custom Facebook apps, and creating shared Rake Live Chat configurations so you have consistent branding across all your client websites.

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You can invite system users, apply Roles, and update workspace information without being a member of the workspace itself.

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Create customized billing reports with statistical analysis.An added benefit of Rake administrative access is contact center functionality. This includes features like routing external sessions to a home workspace, agent roles, etc.  Launch your contact center today!

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Contact centers will love the ease of configuration, this includes features like custom routing of external sessions to a home workspace, agent roles that allow messaging in any project workspace, etc.

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Meet the Rake Admin Console

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Rake project admin roles
Rake admin screen shots

The admin console app, found here: admin.rake.ai enables the Rake project view. A single login to manage your workspaces, to connect apps and accounts for Facebook and Twilio, and share a common set of platform configurations. That's just the beginning of the helpful tools the admin console adds to your messaging tool chest as a messaging administrator in Rake.

Great for small teams and testing Rake.
Small investment, no contract and includes universality.
Excellent option for enterprises and developers.
Work efficiently,
Engage everywhere,
Connect your company!
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