Connect Rake to Google Contacts using Zapier

Learn how to use Zapier to connect Rake and Google Contacts

Rake → Google Contacts

“Anytime a customer is created in Rake, create contact in Google Contacts.”

This zap works in 2 steps…

Rake color icon


TRIGGER: Add a customer in your Rake workspace.

Zapier text logo


Zapier starts the action.

Google Contacts logo

Google Contacts

ACTION: Google Contacts adds the customer as a contact with name(s), email, phone.

Why you should use this zap

This zap is great for keeping your contact information accurate and up to date. Now when you want to follow up on a chat by email or phone, you'll have that information at your fingertips and available across your Google landscape.

How to use this zap

Click here to begin building the Rake customer to Google Contacts zap. Begin by choosing 'Rake' as your trigger app and then pick your trigger which is 'Customer Was Created'. Choose your account. This is when you will make sure you're logged into Rake. Next, you will set up your trigger by selecting your Rake workspace name and then click 'Continue' and then 'Test trigger'. After the trigger test has been completed, click 'Continue'.
It's time to choose the Action app. Search for Google Contacts and then click Google Contacts. Choose the Action Event 'Create Contact' and then click 'Continue'. You may be asked to log into your Google account. Once you have been logged into your Google account and selected the account, click 'Continue'. It's now time to set up the action. There are many fields available that Google Contacts supports but for this zap, you will only complete the fields for First name, Last name, Email, and Phone. Click in the First Name field and click the blue text: Show all options. Find 'Entity First Name' and click on it. Repeat for last name, email and phone, picking Entity Last Name, Entity Email, and Entity Phone Number. Scroll to the bottom of the fields and click 'Continue'. Click 'Test and Continue' and then click 'Turn On'.
You're done. Now, without any action from you or your team, each time a customer is created in your Rake workspace, the same contact will be created in your Google Contacts.

More about Rake and Zapier

Rake connects with thousands of apps, with the help of Zapier, to help you remove the need for people to waste time on repetitive tasks that usually include data entry or confirmation calls and emails. Triggers are what get a zap started and Rake includes several different trigger options. The Rake Zapier trigger options include new messages in specific channels, task creation, customer creation, tag added to a conversation, and inbound chats from a Rake chat widget, Facebook Messenger, SMS and more. After, an application like Slack, Shopify, Hubspot, Gmail, or Facebook triggers Zapier, Rake can respond with actions that include task creation, external message send, message to a selected channel, add a customer and a Rake workspace invitation.

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