Task Management

All Rake workspaces include task management.  Whether you're an agent setting a task for a chat follow up or a team member helping to keep a project on time and under budget, Rake can be your app for task management.

Smartphone Task Management

Custom task types and task workflows because messages often lead to tasks

Rake comes with a task management system including custom task types and task workflows connected to customer chat and internal conversations. If a conversation can’t be resolved in one touch, or you need work assignments beyond messaging, create a task.

Business Details

Simple task management

When a Rake user creates a task, in less than 10 seconds they can name the task, pick the task type and add a note. The assigned task owner will be notified they now own a task and they will learn when the task is due. If the owner needs context related to the task, they can easily open the conversation that inspired the task and learn more.

Task types

Task types help to keep tasks organized and allow for auto-assignments and calculated dates and times for the task owner. Tasks types are created by workspace administrators or owners and are often created to support repeated workflows needed to keep your business running smoothly. Task types are also great for specific projects and can be archived when the project ends.

Task Types
Team Work

Task Integrations

Using services like Zapier, it's easy to connect the Rake task system to platforms with different task workflows. Platforms such as Google Tasks, Hubspot and others connect nicely with Rake. Tasks details including date dates, assignments, related customers and descriptions can all be shared between platforms. This automation saves time and keeps your team on track without lifting a finger. Learn more.

Task workflows

Every conversation screen in the Rake workspace, including customer chat, private and public channels and universal channels include a 'ADD TASK' button. This allows for tasks to be quickly created and include conversation flows to help provide greater context for the task. Tasks can also be created by clicking a persistent TASKS navigation tab. This allows for tasks outside of conversations and helps teams and businesses get more work done. Rake tasks are not organized in a kanban format but rather a simplified workflow of unassigned, assigned, working and closed.

Chat Task
Customer History

Helping customers

Every task includes an optional field labeled 'Related Customer'. This helps your team understand the why behind most of the tasks they are working. Once a customer is related to a task, users can easily access the conversations and details related to that customer. It is especially helpful to have the full context of a conversation in the recent past at your fingertips and to have the status of a task related to the customer in a current chat.

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