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Team Communication
Team Communication Features

Team communication features

The Rake team collaboration solution helps teams, coworkers and colleagues connect through simple messaging.
What began with internet relay chat has started the end of email and opened the door for superior communication among all types of employees. Channel conversations and direct messages remove long and confusing email chains and expose the information you need to get more work done and complete projects faster.

Channel conversation about specific topics
At mention users in large channels to ensure awareness
Private group conversations
Return and edit messages and auto-label as edited
General channel will check unassigned tasks and chats
Pre-send typing preview
File sharing include PDF, images, video, html and more
Fully searchable without limitations

Rake Team Communication

Benefits of reducing email

When companies reduce their reliance on email they position themselves for greater growth and advancement.  
The Rake team communication solution allows employees to search public conversations and find information and solutions to their problems without slowing the day.

Direct Messages

The Rake direct message technology mimics the email experience for one to one and one to many conversations BUT if an employee leaves the organization the conversations remain searchable and available for problem solving.

Why searchable conversations matter

There may be nothing more frustrating than searching for that one phrase you know your co-worker mentioned in an email about the big zoo marketing project. Rake team communication is eminently searchable with no limits.

Benefits of reducing email

Rake's supports a full tag system and allows you to create tags in full speed but our search goes beyond tags. Every conversation, every piece of text, is searchable in your Rake workspace

Create direct, private messages (DMs) with coworkers or teammates

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Messaging without limits

All messages, in all plans will be available for eternity
Two-way OmnichannelChat
Unlimited History
Channels & Direct Messaging
Channels &Direct Messaging
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A one-stop messaging platform: Two-way Omnichannel Chat, Channel & Direct Messaging, Integrated Tasks and Knowledge Base. Begin today with the ultimate trial: 60 days, free, unlimited users. FREE for up to 4 users.

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