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Connect people from popular messaging platforms in a single conversation channel. No new apps.
It’s about the conversation, not the platform.

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Simplify your team messaging with Rake

You need to message players, parents, and assistant coaches. Some of those people use SMS, some use Messenger and some use WhatsApp - but you can connect with them all by using a Rake Universal Conversation Channel. This is simple and requires no coding or programming.

parent and players team communication
Some parents and players use SMS
coaches and admins using Rake for team sports communication
You and your Admin use Rake
parent and coaches team communication
Some parents use Messenger

How it works

Create Channel

Create a private channel with universal access

Connect The Platform

Connect platforms like SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp you want to include as options in your new Universal Channel

Invite Users

Invite parents, players, and coaches or anyone to join your new team Universal Channel, without using the Rake app!

Tennis team sport communication messaging

Why universal channels?

We built Universal Channels when we realized millions of people were tired of adding new messaging apps which caused them to miss important communication. The information you want to share with your team is important but every day we estimate over 72 million messages are never opened. To help ensure your messages are read, Rake helps you send those messages to the most convenient platform for each person on your distribution list. Then, Rake makes it even better as we let everyone respond to you while continuing to use their favorite platform. This is universal messaging. Any platform, all messages and every person.

Message platforms

Universal Channels launched with connections to SMS, Facebook Messenger and of course Rake. We then connected with WhatsApp and will continue to add more platforms. This is what a next generation universal messaging platform looks like. The conversation is the primary, the platform is a secondary. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp can be connected to your Universal Channel and this will help millions of teams and players to easily connect with coaches and team administrators. SMS is a great Universal Channel addition for convenience and familiarity. When you want to improve team communication and keep your customers engaged, using SMS in a Rake Universal Channel is the best option available in universal messaging.

Soccer team sport communication messaging
Swimming team sport communication messaging

Rake is perfect for youth sports and school organizations

Your team may be one of many in a larger organization. You may have team one, team two and team three at the U14 level. Your organization may have seven ages with three teams in each age. As you know, the more teams you have, the more coaches, and parents you have and it's inevitable you'll have some challenging conversations and some finger pointing. When you use a universal messaging platform like Rake, you can keep track of all the conversations and you will have full search access to help you stay on top of each conversation.

Great for small teams and testing Rake.
Small investment, no contract and includes universality.
Excellent option for enterprises and developers.

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