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Using proactive messages with website visitors is today's version of saying hello when someone walks into your store. The results of engaging with visitors on your website are business separators and we see more and more companies engaging in this best practice.

Making it easier for customers or prospects to communicate with your organization is simple when you have the right tools in place. Take a look at these amazing engagement tools built into the Rake messaging platform:

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Proactive messaging

Rake's intelligent proactive messaging algorithms detect when actions or circumstances match a programmed message.  When they do, Rake technology sends a custom crafted message to that visitor to encourage engagement.  

For example, if your visitor spends more than 5 minutes on a product page and has not begun the purchase flow, you can automatically send them a message with a promo code to help close the sale.
"Use this promo code SAVE10 and save 10% today!"

After a little setup, everything about proactive messages is automated and requires zero effort from your team. This system is nimble, each message can be updated in less than 2 minutes.

Proactive messages can be tailored in reference to url, duration, visitor history, location within a page, and more.

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