Website Visitor Chat

Offering a friendly hello is the right thing to do. This is what millions of small business owners learned from their predecessors who ran hardware stores, barber shops, grocery stores, and car dealerships.

The internet has changed commerce but thankfully, people still enjoy friendliness. Use visitor chat technology from Rake to help bridge the gap, connect your company and greet your website visitors.

Proactive visitor chat

Rake's intelligent proactive messaging algorithms detect when a visitor's actions match custom built rules, and when they do, the system sends a custom crafted message to that visitor to encourage engagement.  

For example, if you are running a special on women's shoes, visitors on your page might receive a message to "Let's chat about today's special offer on Pumps and Heels!".

Messages shared with website visitor chat participants can include web links to new landing pages, phone numbers and and email addresses.

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