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What is Rake?

Rake is omnichannel messaging for customers and small business teams. Yes, Rake provides chat widgets for websites and connects customers to chat through SMS, Messenger and WhatsApp. But Rake is more than just retail customer chat. Rake is a powerful platform for client communication, task workflows, knowledge base, website visitor tracking and more.

Base platform free of charge for resellers
Replace Slack and add unlimited history search
Free SMS number included
Direct message co-workers
Up to 5 chat widgets included
Channel conversations with multiple people
Website visitor tracking with chat invitations
File storage, knowledge base articles and tasks

Rake Universal Messaging

Supercharge your websites

When companies add Rake to their website, they are adding more than chat and they add ZERO commitment. The Rake chat widget includes automated messages with behavior and history rules. Visitor tracking is always on and LIVE even when the chat widget is hidden. Rake website reports are built for SMB operators. Easier to read and use than Google Analytics.

Client communication

Rake is the only platform that lets your team use channel conversations with clients using SMS, Messenger or WhatsApp. Clients hate email, they love SMS! You love email because it's a convenient communication history. Rake brings both loves into one universal channel.

Why searchable conversations matter

When you use the Rake website, you can search for your old conversations, you can search for knowledge base articles, you can search for customers and you can search for customers chats with your unique tags. Slack limits search and they won't let you access conversations older than one month.

With Rake - you can be a contact center

Rake is the technology partner for contact centers with over 500 clients and you can build the same for free. With 8 chat agents and 2 leaders you or your client can build a successful chat center and create a new revenue stream. All Rake users can use the Rake mobile app and answer chats from any location.

Rake messaging for all businesses

All messages, in all plans will be available for eternity
Rake 10 (Vendasta)
Rake Starter
Rake Team
Rake Professional
10 Free
4 Free
Chat widgets
SMS number
1 Free
1 Free
1 Free
1 Free
SMS messages
Unlimited search
Universal Channels
Task system
Visitor tracking
Knowledge base
Unlimited customers

A one-stop messaging platform: Two-way Omnichannel Chat, Channel & Direct Messaging, Integrated Tasks and Knowledge Base.
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Rake Messaging App is available in the App Store and Google Play

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Engage everywhere,
Connect your company!
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