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This video demonstrates how agents or home based entrepreneurs can manage inbound chats from different businesses or workspaces. With one simple login, agents can respond to chats in just seconds - working for different businesses from around the block or around the world

Video transcript recap
Today, let's talk about using multiple workspaces in rake. I might have two workspaces for my businesses. I have one business village gate pet hospital with its own workspace, and I have Leahy's camera with its own workspace. So my email address links both the village gate, Penn hospital workspace and the Lahey's camera workspace. So here I can switch between my workspaces by going here to the search workspaces. So currently I'm in my village gate pet hospital workspace, and I can switch to my camera shop. I typing in the name and clicking on the workspace name. So now at the top here, my workspace has changed along with my quick links and any knowledge-based articles that I may have. So I'm going to switch back to my pet hospital. I typing in my workspace name, clicking on the workspace, and then switching back, I may receive a chat from my village gate pet hospital workspace. And I can answer that here as normal, I can answer the conversation and reply to the customer.
I may also then receive a chat from my other business, my camera shop. So I'm getting notified here that I'm getting a chat from Leahy's camera workspace, and I can jump to that workspace, get jumped to the workspace and start the conversation. So keep in mind again that the workspace changes when I select that conversation. So here I have my two customers here. I'm going to go back to my village gate conversation and it's going to switch my workspace so that I can keep each conversation within the correct workspace. So again, I can switch between those workspaces seamlessly.