Change personal presence or availability in your Rake workspace and mobile app

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This video shows you how to change your personal availability or presence in the Rake workspace and mobile app. Your personal settings may determine if your chat widget appears on your website, if others can expect a reply to their direct messages with you and if your team can expect you to complete your assigned tasks.

Video transcript recap
Today, let's talk about how to change your presence in Rake. So currently Noble is set to unavailable and my peers can tell by the red dot on my name. So how do we change that? So on the top, right, we'll go to Noble Rake and then change our presence to available. Now, my team will know that I'm available to chat.

Why this matters
If you're using Rake, at least in part, for omnichannel customer chat, your personal presence can determine if your Rake chat widget appears on your website. When you set up the appearance details of the chat widget, you can choose to have the chat widget not appear on your website IF there are no 'agents' logged into Rake with their presence set to available.
Setting aside omnichannel customer chat, when someone in your workspace sends you a message if they see that you are not available, they will not expect a quick reply. Rake users have three options related to presence. Presence can be set to Internal Messaging Only, Not Available - Do Not Disturb, Available. Encourage your colleagues to use these settings for a great Rake experience.

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