Connect Rake external conversations with Facebook Messenger

This video shows you how to connect your Rake messaging platform workspace customer chat conversations with Facebook Messenger

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This connection helps increase your omnichannel chat options for consumers and makes it more convenient for people to chat with your business. Be sure remove any chat bots or automation you may have previously attached to your Facebook Messenger to ensure optimal performance. After you connect your Facebook page, connect Rake to WhatsApp

Video transcript recap
Today, let's talk about enabling an omni-channel chat experience by connecting platforms to your workspace. So any workspace owner and administrator can connect platforms by going to the workspace editor, going to platform integrations and connecting platforms from here to connect a platform like Facebook messenger, go to Facebook messenger pages and click connect pages. So in this case, I want to connect my company's Facebook page to my workspace, click edit settings, select the Facebook page. You wish to connect at next click done and click. Okay. And now we choose the Facebook page that we wish to connect my company, Facebook page, click connect, and we are all set. Any message that is initiated from SMS, Facebook messenger, or our chat widget will route to our external channel within rake. And our external channel is the channel for customer omni-channel chat
Why this matters: The benefits to using an omnichannel strategy for customer chat are many but perhaps the most important is convenience. For the people providing your customer support a simplified approach leads to a happy team. Why? Because your team won't have to learn how to use multiple support platforms. Once they have mastered the Rake platform, there's nothing left to learn. All your chats will route to Rake.
When the chat begins, the customer name will be shared with your chat support team member. All of the typical Rake chat features like quick messages and chat transcript sharing and conversations scripts will be available to help your team member provide the customer an exceptional experience.

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