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This video shows you how to create direct messages (DMs) with one user in your Rake workspace or several users in your Rake workspace. Direct messages are private and can only be seen by users who have been added to the direct message.

A video transcript recap:
Let's create some direct messages with coworkers. We'll get logged in to our Rake universal messaging platform and you'll see over the last couple of days, since we just created our workspace, we've added a few users and you'll be able to see those users here. So Duchess Rake has accepted her direct message invitation. Of course we are Duke Rake and Princess Rake has accepted her invitation. So what that means is we're now in an environment where we could start to create some conversations with them. And this is one of the ways that Rake improves team collaboration and team communication. Let's create a direct message, with the three of us. So I want to add the Duchess and Princess Rake and we'll click GO. And now you'll see right here I can send a message. Hello, welcome to our workspace. Now, what does this mean? This means that the Duchess and the Princess and myself as Duke, that we can communicate privately. A direct message is private between the three of us. If I want to create a direct message just with the Princess, I can do that as well. So again, I'll click the plus icon next to direct messages, and I will click on Princess Rake. I'm not going to include the Duchess.
So now I will say, Hi Princess. This is between you and me. Duchess is not included! Kind of harsh, but we understand that in work team messaging, we often need some privacy with certain messages. Why is the Princesses' dot here, gray? Well, that means the princess is not logged in to Rake presently. She's not available presently. In future videos, we'll talk about creating new conversation channels. Those channels can be public, private or universal private, and we'll also continue to work on direct messages, but this is the beginning of your collaboration. When someone sends you a message, you can be notified, depending on how you set up your personal message notifications. This hopefully helps you to reduce email clutter and helps you work smarter and faster.

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