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A quick video review of navigation and features in the Rake workspace. This includes a look at conversations, visitors, tasks, customers, users, channels, knowledge base, workspace editor, reports and billing. Rake combines team messaging and omnichannel customer chat, in one workspace. This means you or someone on your team can chat with a customer while other people on your team are messaging each other about a project they are working on and everyone is using the same universal messaging experience.

Video transcript
Today, I'm going to give you a brief overview of Rake. If we had tasks, we would see them here. We can always click on the hamburger menu in the top left and expose the left hand navigation. Dashboard is dashboard. Conversations if they're external conversations from a chat widget on our website, or we connect the Facebook Messenger. We connected text lines, SMS. you would see all of those conversations here. if we want to have internal conversations, we could do that here. Anyone could post into a channel about the Swiss kingdom, or if you were invited to a private channel, maybe to speak about the royalty's net worth, we could do that here. If you wanted to have a direct message, maybe you want to send a direct private message just to Princess Rake.
You could do that. So lots of different conversation options, on the conversations tab. If we want to look at who's visiting our website, currently we can do that. Or we can look at who has historically been on the website. We can do all of that. We can assign tasks to people or find our tasks, no tasks have been set up yet in this workspace, but we could easily do that. We could look at a list of customers. Again, we have not added customers to this workspace, but we can find a list of customers and call them, or send them an email. We can find internal users, of the workspace and find out what role they are in. Or maybe we need some contact information and we can click on their name and open up a blade about them.
We have a full knowledge base platform so we can add articles about our business. And every article page has a link that can be shared internally. This is especially useful in the middle of chats. If we don't know an answer to a question, but the company has created all those answers. We can find that very easily while we are chatting. Workspace editor - we can do a lot in here. You can see a whole extra menu opens up. When we click on this gear icon, we can edit our live chat widget the way it looks, the way it behaves. We can create quick messages, types of tasks. all sorts of things can happen in here. We also have a full reporting suite. We can pull conversation transcripts and find out how many conversations we attended to in a certain amount of time. All of those things, are available. We even have a full billing plan, with usage metrics. This is especially useful for contact centers that use our technology. So a pretty robust, conversation platform, all available, to any users, depending on role that we set up. That's a brief overview of our Rake workspace.

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