Website visitor monitoring with Rake chat

Rake messaging platform includes website visit alerts and monitoring


This video provides a complete overview of the website visitor monitoring technology included in the Rake workspace for all users. Instantly know when someone lands on your website and watch them surf from page to page. If you want to launch a two-way chat message, do it with just one click. This features works on any page of your website after a small string of code is installed.

Video transcript recap
Today, let's do a quick overview of our visitors tab. This is a great tool to monitor who is on your website and to send them an invitation to a conversation. So here I have my workspace and on the right, I have my website. So let's go to our visitors tab here in our visitors tab, we have two sections. We have our visitors browsing now section and our recent visitors here. We can see who's been on our website for how long, and when they were here in the visitor browsing. Now section, we'll be able to see who's currently on our website and what page they're currently looking at. We can also see how many times they visited our website and this case. These are two new customers visiting our site. And here we can also see that we have not saved their customer information here. If we have, we would see their name.
We can also see a general location where they're from, how long they're currently on our site. We can also see how many pages they've been through. We can also see their latest interaction and last but not least, we can also send a customer an invitation. Let's take a look at our visitor details and click on our latest interaction. Could see a summary here. How many times they visited their first visit date, how long their session is, what pages they're on and what pages they're currently viewing. We can also see a little more technical information, what browser they're using operating system general IP and their ISP could also see where they're from. Of course we don't show exact location. We just show the nearest city. We can also take a look at customer information. So here we have a customer that we've saved here. In the past. If I click on their name, we can also take a look at their customer information, of course, but we can look at their previous conversations. So here we have saved five customer conversations and we can view each of those conversations here. We can also look at tasks that we have assigned here. And again, we can jump to these, but let's use the main feature of this tab. Let's send an invitation to our Detroit customer here. Dan, we sent a invitation to the customer. We have an option here to click, go to the conversation. We can jump to the conversation now or wait until the customer replies or has been notified of the conversation. So I'm going to click go. She'll take me straight to the conversation and I'll be able to reply back.

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