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The Rake messaging application brings conversations, collaboration, and analytics together to improve experience and efficiency for all company stakeholders. Our multi-solution approach helps companies reduce vendor count and expenses and grow their impact. We are the business communication platform for every stakeholder.

Video transcript recap
Today, let's cover our quick start guide. So first we'll want to start adding users to your workspace. So to do that, go to the users and channels tab, and then click invite user, add the email of the user you'd like to invite and assign a role. Let's also add our widget onto our website. Let's go find that code. So you'll need to go to workspace editor and you'll need to have an administrator role or owner role to access the code. Go to live chat, widgets. Every workspace that we create comes with a default configuration. So go ahead and open your configuration in place and then make sure that your website is here, listed here under the allowed domains. If it's not go ahead and enter it in. If it's not in here, go ahead and type out your URL or paste it in and then click enter so that it turns gray like this, and then click show code.
And here we have our full code available here for you to copy, or if you're using our WordPress plugin, copy the hash here and use that for the widget. If you don't have admin access to your website, you can also email the code along with instructions to your web administrator. So let's start using our chat platform. Let's go over our conversations tab. We have access to internal communication here through channels. So I can create a channel and add members and then send a message to my team and the channel. So I sent a message through the pet salon, informing our team that our two o'clock appointment has canceled. Hey, we can also send direct messages as well. So I have a message that I'd like to send to duke and I can type out a message and send it directly to him. We can also answer customer chats in our conversations tab. You can click start and we can answer the customer. It also save customer contact info. You can also monitor visitors on our website using our visitors stamp, and we can see what page they're on their new visitor. If we've had conversations with them in the past, we can save their contact information. We'll be able to see if they're on our website, see their location, how long they've been on our website. And also take a look at their latest interactions. We can also send our web visitors. Invitations could type out a new message or use our quick message
Feature and respond to our invitations. This is also available on our mobile app. If you search rake mobile on either iOS or Android, and you can communicate with your team and answer chats.

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