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The Rake chat widget is versatile and can be installed on any website. This video shows how to add the Rake widget to multiple websites. This allows for chat management across multiple businesses while only using one screen in the Rake omnichannel customer communication platform. This functionality in the Rake messaging platform allows for more and more people to begin building chat contact centers without a large financial investment. Please read this blog for more details:

Video transcript recap
Today, let's talk about allowed domains in order for you to use our rake chat widget, your website must be listed under the allowed domains of your configuration. So let's use this new website I have here as an example, I have already added my code to the website, but by widget is not appearing. So let's make sure that my website is under the allowed domain. So in order for you to manage that and update, you must have an admin role or an owner role. So let's check that up, go to workspace editor, then go to live chat, widgets, open your current configuration and here under allowed domains, you'll see the list of domains that currently has permission to use the widget. So this website does not have permission. So let's add that in. So I copied and now I'm pasting my website URL in here and then hitting the enter key on my keyboard. Once it turns great at his been properly submitted under the allowed domains click save. And now let's check on my website. I'm going to refresh the page. And now I see my chat widget available on my website. I can also choose to remove websites from the list of domains by opening the configuration and clicking this little X icon click save, refresh my website. Now the widget doesn't load, but the code is still on the website.

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