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This 4 minute video provides a complete review of how to use the Knowledge Base features in a Rake workspace. Learn how to search for knowledge base articles, create knowledge base articles with text, videos and images and see how your team can vote for knowledge base articles.

Today, let's talk about the knowledge base to access the articles in your knowledge base, go to the conversations tab, then open your show, workspace info and down at the bottom, you can click search knowledge base. So here you can start typing in any word and we'll search through your articles that you have created. You can also view the top articles here. We do have a link on this article, so it will be at the top. You can also search through your different categories and each article will be assigned to a category. So I do have a few articles here under the dog's category. I also have a few under eye therapy and salon let's test out the search. So I want to find an article that has the word adopt. So here, it's going to pull up an article that has the word adopt in it, whether it's in the title or in the body of the article. So here on the workspace side, you could see who the author is when it was last updated. You could view the article from within. You can add a suggestion, so you can create a task to update an article.
You can like an article. If you felt this helpful or useful, you can vote it so that other members of your workspace can access this. And we also create a permalink. We do have an option to copy the link so that you can share it with your customer, whether it's in a chat or in an email. So let's take a look at how we can manage and create articles. So let's move on to the knowledge base tab. And here we could see are created articles. I could search for my articles through here. I could see what categories each article belongs to.
I can click and modify any of my existing articles. I also have an option to, I also have the option to delete, and now it won't be listed here. We do have an option to import and export. We do have an option to import CSV files and export a CSV files of our articles. And we also have an option to show our archived articles like our test one. Now let's create an article. So click add article. I have an article here for dog boarding label it that, and I will categorize this under my boarding. You can create your article in here, who here I have my article, some tools that we have available here for you is our video
Tool. So I can embed a video in here. So if I click on my video icon, I can enter a link and save. So now I have my video embedded. I could also add an image. I have an image button here. I can insert the picture. I can also create hyperlinks so I can highlight a section and add my link. So I'm happy with my articles. So I'm going to set this as published so that it could be available in the conversations tab and then hit save. And again, to access these during a chat, simply click on search knowledge base and find it through the category or search for the article. So you could use this knowledge base for your workspace users to keep them informed on your services and products. And you can use this to share with your customers to provide detailed information. Another popular use of knowledge base is creating a promotions category and creating a specific promotion as an article.Video transcript recap

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