Rake website visitor monitoring supports chat invitations with no chat visitor widget

A hidden visitor widget delivers web visitor analytics and proactive chat invitations

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Rake helps thousands of businesses chat with website visitors but many businesses are hesitant to add a chat visitor widget to their website. They fear the negative customer experience of a chat not receiving a reply and they personally have had several poor bot experiences and do not want to use bots in their communication plan. Rake has the perfect solution for these challenges. Rake provides the option to add website visitor monitoring to a website and empowers users to begin chats with visitors through a hidden chat widget. In this case, the Rake chat widget only appears when the Rake user sends a message and the widget remains visible until the chat ends. This solution removes any chance a chat could be started without a reply from the business.

Video transcript
Today, let's talk about how to use our widget when it's hidden on your website. So right now I'm in my workspace and right here I have my website, the widget is hidden on the website, but the html widget code is still there. And the way we did this was through a custom script. Or if you're using our WordPress plugin, you set your settings for when to display the widget option to hide. So I could still view visitors on my website and send them invitations. So let me show you how that works. So here, this is my website and here I am visiting. So I'm going to send an invite here. I can send a custom message, attach a file, or I can also use our quick message feature where I have pre-written responses and I can manage those here. So I'm going to send this message. The widget was not visible on the site. Again, the code was on my website, which means that we could still track and send invitations. So when I sent the message, that window opens up with my message.