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The Rake messaging platform includes website chat widgets with edit access

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This video shows you how to set or change the Rake chat widget appearance and page location on your website. Rake offers a WordPress plugin and simple java script to make installation easy and fast for any type of website. Installation options include when the widget we be seen on a website, auto-opening, page selection and more. By installing this Rake visitor widget you will be able to monitor visitors while they are reading your website regardless of your conversation status and regardless of the settings you choose for the chat widget. If the chat widget is hidden, the monitoring technology will continue to provide you real-time data and notifications about visitor presence and behavior.

Video transcript recap:
Let's talk about moving the chat visitor widget and changing the chat visitor widget, on your website. Right now you'll see we're in a red color and what we call Tab style, we will go over to our workspace editor. And, to just as a reminder, to get to live chat widgets, we are in the workspace editor. That's the gear icon that we would click and then click into live chat widgets, and then we would click the actual widget text. You can have more than one widget, for right now, this workspace has one. We'll click this widget here and then we'll click the blue 'edit' text in the top right area. Now there are three different choices in here. There's widget styles. There's a lot of choices in here. We'll leave that alone for now. There is position. This is moving the tab anywhere we want it to be, for right now, we'll work on the tab appearance. We're in tab style and we're red. We can change to a button style and hit save. If we wanted to change colors, we would click right in here. We'll hit save, and then we'll go back to our website and we'll simply hit refresh. And we changed to a button. Probably want to change the location just a bit to help it stand out. So we'll go back into edit and
We'll go into position and you see a small blue plus symbol. This is the desktop orientation. This is the mobile orientation. We literally can drag this plus symbol around and you'll watch the numbers change the 20% from the bottom 15%. We'' try to get this about 10 and then we can be left to right. We can be zero, but we can drag it over a little bit. Maybe it'd be seven. Get this back to 10. We could type in here as well. We'll go back to our website. Once again, it's in this area right now, let's hit, refresh, see where it moves. So that was a big move and maybe that's too much from a left to right perspective, but again, you can play around with it, get it to exactly where you want it. If you want it to be over in the left, or if you want it to be up near the top, you can do that. Remember, as you scroll on your website, the widget will stay in place. So that's how we move the widget and change from a tab to a button style.

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