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Learn how to update your personal notifications in the Rake app and browser workspace

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Rake offers users the option to be notified about several different events that may take place, related to your workspace. These notifications include website visitors, new external conversations, new tasks and more.

Video transcript recap

Today, let's talk about how to update your notification settings, to access your notification settings, click on your name on the top, right? And then go down to my account and then scroll down to my notification settings. And here we have our events and our notification platforms. Our in-app refers to the desktop and our mobile app. So if you turn on tasks, you will get notified both on the desktop and the mobile app. You also have an option to add email notifications and SMS. Let's talk about the events. New conversation refers to any new customer chat, a channel message and a direct message by default, it is turned on and you cannot turn this off. We always want to let you know when there's a new message. The customers event is triggered. When a user gets added into rig tasks gets triggered. When a task is created, someone assigns a task to you.
You will get notified. The reminders event is triggered when a task is due. The visitors event is triggered. When someone lands on your website and conversations ended event is a configuration valid only for some billing plans where a live agent answers the chat. And after the chat has ended, you can opt in to receive a transcript of the conversation. Here's some suggestions for notifications. I would turn on email notification when a new conversation takes place. I would also turn on tasks for in app and email. I would turn on reminders for in-app and I would turn on visitors. As you notice here, we don't have an email or SMS option for visitors because we don't want to send multiple notifications for one visitor. Once you've selected your notification preferences, click save, and you are all set.

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